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During the UFC 296 event, Alexander Volkanovski gives his prediction for the fight between Leon Edwards and Colby Covington, saying, “Gonna see a better version.”


In a recent video posted to his official YouTube channel, Alexander Volkanovski, the current champion of the featherweight division in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), shared his opinions on what he believes will take place at UFC 296.

The card is stacked from top to bottom, and the event that will take place on Saturday will be the final pay-per-view event that the organization operates in 2023. During the main event, which will bring the show to a close, Leon Edwards and Colby Covington will compete against each other for the welterweight title that Edwards now holds.

Volkanovski spoke about the battle and said the following:

Colby Covington is going to keep trying to reap him and get him off balance and do all of these things. I know that while Usman would hold him [Edwards] and type of stay still in certain places, Colby Covington is going to keep doing all of these things. However, I believe that Leon is in a much better condition than he was even when he was in that most recent bout, and he is in a much better position than he was that time. He is currently in a much better situation, and as a result, I can assure you that you will be able to witness a more improved version of Leon this coming weekend. The takedown defense is going to be even more effective with him, and he is going to be even more deadly when he is on his feet.
Colby Covington will be a significant threat and will “be there the whole fight,” according to Alexander Volkanovski, who went on to say that despite this, Leon Edwards will emerge victorious.

Alexander Volkanovski believes he will “take out” Ilia Topuria, calls him “easy money”

Recently, Volkanovski responded to a tweet that disclosed that his teammate, Justin Van Heerden, had challenged Alexsandre Topuria, Ilia Topuria’s brother, to a bout at UFC 298. The message indicated that Van Heerden had made the challenge. ‘The Great’ and ‘El Matador’ will compete for the title of fighting champion at the event that will take place in February.

This is what the post said:

“Volk’s teammate Justin Van Heerdencalls out Aleksandre Topuria for #UFC298 it would be cool to see Topuria brothers fight on same card.”
His response was Volkanovski:

Let’s make it happen, shall we? Observe as we eliminate the Topuria brothers…we will make easy money.

Enlarge the Tweet
It was at UFC 294 that Alexander Volkanovski suffered a devastating knockout defeat at the hands of Islam Makhachev. After Volkanovski’s effort to move up to lightweight was unsuccessful, it appears that his primary focus is on defending his 145-pound strap for the foreseeable future and establishing himself as the greatest fighter to ever do so at featherweight.

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