Robert Whittaker gives a powerful message in his post-UFC 298 tweet, saying, “My resolve is unbreakable.” He also pays tribute to Paulo Costa before the fight.

Immediately after his fight against Paulo Costa, Robert Whittaker has spoken a profound message to the world.

At the most recent UFC event, which took place over the weekend, Whittaker made his comeback to action by competing against Costa in a middleweight challenge. ‘The Reaper’ won victorious by unanimous decision in a fight that was intensely competitive.

In light of the fact that Whittaker had just suffered a defeat at the hands of Dricus du Plessis in the previous year, the triumph over Costa clearly meant a great deal to him. In the aftermath of the bout, the former middleweight champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship took to X to convey a profound message and even paid his opponent a respectful tribute.

“We arrived, we witnessed, and we prevailed. Now is the time to haul the treasures back home. I want to express my gratitude to everyone who was dripping with sweat and bleeding day in and day out. You all are aware of who you are, and I would not be able to be here without those of you. Lastly, but most significantly, I would like to express my gratitude to my family, who inspire me to perform better each and every day. I would also like to express my gratitude to all of my sponsors who support me in between glorious moments.
He went on to say:

“This battle taught me a lot of valuable lessons, and it was an honor to be able to compete in the octagon beside someone who is such a fierce fighter. I am unwavering in my determination, and I will not give up until I have reclaimed what is rightfully mine. All of you guys have my love.

Paulo Costa disagrees with the scorecards, releases statement following Robert Whittaker loss

The battle that Paulo Costa had against Robert Whittaker was the first one he has fought since August of 2021. The judges did not give Costa the nod, and he ended up losing the fight by unanimous decision. This was despite the fact that Costa put on a battle that was quite competitive.

Following the bout, Costa posted a tweet in which he discussed his defeat at UFC 298 and the decision of the judges. He praised his followers and included a video of his head kick that rocked Whittaker in his tweet. He also included a video of the kick itself.

Furthermore, it was suggested by the Brazilian that he had the impression that he was winning the fight. The former challenger for the middleweight title in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) emphasized that he is free of injuries and that he intends to exert even more pressure on his opponent in order to achieve a finish in his subsequent bout inside the cage.

“Hey, mtfks, you are incredible, and I want to thank everyone for their support. During the fight, I had the impression that I was winning since I was applying pressure to him and hurting his face, but the judge had a different opinion. Anyway, I’m back and I haven’t sustained any injuries, and I’m going to keep pushing myself till I complete. Love you all.

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