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The phrase “I knocked out GSP with a flying knee” was used by fans to make fun of Ilia Topuria’s purported claim that she had defeated Khamzat Chimaev during a fighter’s match.


When Ilia Topuria claimed that she had defeated Khamzat Chimaev in a sparring match, fans once made fun of her assertion.

At the present, Topuria is one of the strikers in the UFC who is considered to be the most feared. On the other hand, his assertion that he had defeated Chimaev in the past elicited a lot of responses from his followers. It was reported by Álvaro Colmenero, a journalist who specializes in mixed martial arts, that ‘El Matador’ defeated Chimaev, who is well-known for his wrestling skills and is substantially larger, while they were sparring.

Fans swiftly responded to it by filling the comments area of the page with their reactions when they saw it. It appeared that not many people believed the narrative, and they made fun of the assertion. Here are some of the most positive responses that have been received:

“These guys need to start sending clips or it didn’t happen””I once took down DC in sparring too, no footage but trust me guys it happened I swear.””There was this one time I knocked out GSP with a flying knee during sparring, I then stepped in on short notice to defeat Bisping for the undisputed middleweight gold, the camera guys forgot to record haha!”

Dana White claims Ilia Topuria’s next fight will be in Spain

This past Saturday night, Ilia Topuria surprised the mixed martial arts (MMA) world by dethroning Alexander Volkanovski, who had been ruling as the king of the featherweight class for a very long time. At the UFC 298 event, the two competitors squared off against one another. Although the first round of the bout was a close contest, the Spanish fighter was able to knock out Volkanovski in the second round.

In his whole career, Volkanovski had never before suffered a loss in the featherweight division. It is possible that the Australian and Topuria will participate in a rematch as soon as possible, taking into consideration the level of dominance that he has maintained in the category since 2019.

When asked about Topuria’s upcoming encounter inside the octagon, Dana White, the CEO of the promotion, stated that the new champion will be competing in Spain in the following bout. Furthermore, White mentioned that he is unsure whether “El Matador” will battle Volkanovski in a rematch or face a new opponent. He stated that he does not know any of these things.

We will most certainly be traveling to Spain. As of right now, I have no idea who [Topuria] is going to be going up against. However, I have a great deal of respect for Volkanovski; we will see how that situation develops. Nevertheless, we are going to Spain so long as there is a venue available.

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