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Sean Strickland willing to pay $200K to Dale Brown from D.U.S.T. for fighting him “in the desert”


One of the more outspoken athletes on the UFC roster, Sean Strickland recently challenged Dale Brown to a desert throwdown. Dale Brown is a well-known online self-defense expert.

Strickland recently bumped into Brown while at an event at The Gun Store in Las Vegas, and the two guys got into a playfight that resulted in them toppling a shelf full of weapons. It appears, though, that their antics weren’t entirely innocent and the two men did in fact carry ill feelings for one another.

MMA journalist Alex Behunin recently shared a video of Sean Strickland replying to excerpts from an interview with the CEO of Detroit Urban Survival Training on Twitter (D.U.S.T.).

‘Tarzan’ severely mocked Brown’s self-defense skills and even offered to pay for a vacation to the desert where a fight would take place. Strickland spoke directly to Brown and said:

You promised to meet me in the desert, right? I’ll strike a bargain with you. I’ll pay for your airline ticket, accommodate you at any hotel you like, and take $200K in cash and bury it in the sand. All you need to do to defeat me is use the money you have. You are a fraud, a fake, and a scam artist, that’s the issue. Both you and I are aware of this.

Sean Strickland trips Dale Brown from D.U.S.T into showcase full of gun at gun store

Dale Brown, a meme sensation whose almost parodic self-defense methods pushed him to notoriety on the internet, was introduced to Sean Strickland during an event at The Gun Store in Las Vegas.

‘Tarzan’ and Brown appeared to be playingfully sparring inside the shop. Strickland pushes Brown while pretending to take a knee as the two men engage in physical altercation. As a result, the self-defense expert stumbles back into a shelf of weapons, knocking it over.

Soon after, Sean Strickland uploaded a video of the incident to his Instagram account along with a humorous caption in which he joked about possibly starting his own self-defense course:

“Well, I’ll admit that was a little unsettling, but I think I ought to start a self-defense course? What name should I give it? The last time I receive an invitation to an event, lol. Thanks, @thegunstore.”

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