Former UFC referee John McCarthy calls Dana White’s Power Slap League “sanctioned brain trauma”

John McCarthy, a former referee for the UFC, has said that he doesn’t like Dana White’s Power Slap League.

White revealed in November of last year that he had invested in the slap-fighting league and that they had agreed to a deal with TBS for eight episodes.

Both men and women compete at the event, which is held at the UFC Apex Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Competitors are positioned across from one another during a match, with one designated as a striker and the other as a defender. In order to win, you must slap your opponent so hard that they are unable to recover in 30 seconds.

Each match consists of 3-5 rounds, and the referee will give a 10-count for any knockdowns.

Big John McCarthy, a former octagon referee who presided over some of the most vicious battles in UFC history, thinks Dana White’s new Power Slap League is just “sanctioned brain torture.” In a recent WEIGHING IN episode, he said:

I love a good competition. I am, really. I just find it difficult to accept that sanctioned brain trauma is being regulated, especially in states like Nevada. It is exactly that. There isn’t any kind of defence… How do you discuss this? … There aren’t any real rules to it. How much money do these people make? They aren’t being paid anything.

Former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub believes Dana White’s new Power Slap League is setting MMA back

After this week’s premiere of Dana White’s Power Slap League on TBS, Brendan Schaub recently posted on Twitter to discuss the show.

The UFC brand’s association with MMA is hurting the sport, says Schaub, who last competed for the UFC in 2014.

“investigating the Slap combat league. The stupidest thing I’ve ever seen is this. The sport is 10 years behind because of its connection to the UFC. Having saying that, it’s enjoyable. Who wants to wager that it won’t be around in a year?”

Schaub said that he was interested in hosting a live reaction show whenever the new episodes broadcast, while criticising White and the Power Slap League:

And if you don’t believe I’m doing a Fight companion for the Slap league title, you’re crazy. whatever that may be. buddies, whisky, and slapping. I can’t help but! It’s a #slapfight, it’s ridiculous.

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