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Joe Rogan explains how alcohol reduces a fighter’s life inside the octagon


On the Joe Rogan Experience, Belal Muhammad, a UFC welterweight contender, was recently interviewed by Joe Rogan. As they addressed the different harmful effects of alcohol, the podcast presenter praised Muhammad for his decision to abstain from drinking.

While Rogan acknowledged that drinking occasionally can be enjoyable, there are no long-term benefits to alcohol use. In particular in elite combat sports, he noted, the repercussions of athletes not maximising recovery and health will be disastrous.

“You’re probably gaining time for your career by not drinking. There is a reason why people enjoy drinking and why bars are located all over the place. But in actuality, it’s f***ing awful for you. And if you can maximise your recuperation and vitality by abstaining from alcohol, I would encourage people to do that if you’re a professional athlete and you compete in the world’s hardest sport.”

For years, Joe Rogan has been fixated with improving his health. In 2010, he and Aubrey Marcus established the training equipment and supplement business Onnit. On his podcast, Rogan also interviews a number of health professionals, such as Rhonda Patrick, Ben Greenfield, and Max Lugavere.

Rogan knows precisely why fighters would benefit from abstaining from alcohol because to his ongoing education in the fields of health and vitality. Bernard Hopkins, a former world champion boxer, was presented by him as another another illustration of how discipline may lengthen life.

At 46 years old, Hopkins retains the record for becoming the sport’s oldest world champion. Hopkins’ excellence was mentioned during a JRE Experience session with Andre Ward, another former world champion boxer.

Joe Rogan praises Ciryl Gane’s striking prowess ahead of Jon Jones fight

Following the departure of Francis Ngannou from the organisation, Ciryl Gane will face Jon Jones for the heavyweight championship at UFC 285 in March.

On the Belal Muhammad-hosted Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan dissected the impending heavyweight fight and praised the Frenchman’s striking prowess.

The host of the show noted that Gane’s matchup with Tai Tuivasa at UFC Fight Night 209 served as the best example of his abilities:

“The battle was ideal for demonstrating what Gane is all about. He moves like a middleweight thanks to the smoothness of his combos. Of all the heavyweight attackers, he is the most technical and agile. When it comes to his striking, Ciryl is really well-rounded.”

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