Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis verbally concur to risk losing their full bout purse.

In less than a week, the much awaited Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia battle will take place, and it appears that both fighters have decided to risk the entire fight purse.This weekend, on Saturday, April 22, in Las Vegas, Davis and Garcia will square off in what is predicted to be possibly the biggest fight of the year. ‘Tank’ has established himself as the clear favourite going into the fight, but ‘KingRy’ seems confident in his abilities to win with a decisive victory.

Prior to the bout, the two boxers swapped insults, and it now appears that they are going to wager the entire fight purse. Gervonta Davis suggested during a recent Instagram live feed that they risk their entire fight purse:

Hey, you want to wager? The entire handbag, everything in it?
Ryan Garcia, despite being the underdog, has faith in himself and doesn’t hesitate to back up his claims. Garcia accepted ‘Tank’s’ offer and retorted:

“Let’s draught a contract, and let’s both sign it. If you really want it, I won’t say it twice because you already know it’s for me.

Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia: ‘Tank’ explains why there is a rehydration clause in the contract

For his forthcoming fight with Ryan Garcia, Gervonta Davis has given an explanation of why he had to include a rehydration clause in the contract.

‘KingRy’ disclosed that there is a rehydration clause in place and that he won’t be able to weigh in at more than 146 pounds before to the bout. Even though this is a contentious subject, ‘Tank’ claims that doing this will make the combat more “fair”.

During a recent interview on the All The Smoke podcast, Gervonta Davis spoke about the contentious clause and said:

“I mean, it simply makes sure that everything is equitable. You get what I’m saying? I’m aware of his greater fighting ability. He already has the advantage in terms of height, size, arm length, and other physical characteristics. I’m simply trying to be a little bit fair. You get what I’m saying? Just maintain the status quo. And it’s not like I have to go, while he has to go [to a second weigh-in]. We both need to leave.

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