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Andrew Tate says he rejected a $30 million fraudulent cryptocurrency deal because “I do not sell my soul.”


It is well known that Andrew Tate has a significant interest in the cryptocurrency sector. ‘Top G’ is a strong supporter of well-known cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum and is thought to have amassed significant riches through investing in them.

Tate recently claimed to have run into a cryptocurrency scam where he was given $30 million in exchange for access to his 2.5 million followers. However, “Cobra” appeared to reject the proposal by declining to “sell his soul.” The contentious online sensation tweeted: “My email list has 2.5 million subscribers. I’ve been paid $30,000,000 to pump a cryptocurrency by email. I refused. I will not defraud. Refuse. I do not, like everyone else, sell my soul.

Following his early-month release from a Romanian prison, Andrew Tate is now under house arrest. Last December, ‘Top G’ and his brother Tristan were detained on suspicion of rape and human trafficking.
Since being released from prison, Tate appears to have developed into a significant philanthropist. ‘Cobra’ recently committed to contribute $25 million to charity after previously working with a Muslim charitable organisation to distribute water.

When Andrew Tate raised crypto scam allegations against Logan Paul

The conversations between Andrew Tate and Logan Paul on social media have ranged from weird “matrix” exchanges to barbs at cryptocurrencies.

Tate most definitely didn’t pass up the chance when “The Maverick” came under criticism for endorsing volatile cryptocurrency following a YouTuber named Coffeezilla’s exposé from the previous year. In addition to criticising the other YouTuber’s energy drink company PRIME, ‘Cobra’ claimed that Paul and others like him were promoting cryptocurrency frauds to their subscribers.

In a Twitter video, Andrew Tate stated:

“I was offered an unlimited sum of money to sell my soul. I refrained from doing it because I didn’t like the thought of a young person who genuinely trusted and supported me purchasing a cryptocurrency because I predicted it would increase…I never did sell my soul, therefore. I’m not like Logan Paul and these f***ers that sell sugary energy drinks and engage in NFT and pump-and-dump cryptocurrency fraud.

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