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A former UFC fighter discovers a flaw in Dana White’s most recent “woke” comments.


The president of the UFC and spokesperson for the organisation is Dana White. The 53-year-old has been known as an anti-woke character in the MMA community and was recently attacked for his supposed hypocrisy by a former UFC fighter.For the UFC, Mike Jackson competed four times. His most notable accomplishment is inflicting CM Punk’s second MMA defeat. He just posted a photo of himself wearing an official pro-LGBTQ+ UFC shirt on Twitter to refute White’s anti-woke accusations.In a recent FOX News interview, Dana White was open about the promotion’s efforts during the COVID-19 outbreak before asserting that they don’t do anything “woke.” Black said:

“Of course, the fact that we discovered how to use COVID. Once the COVID bans were lifted, we were the first to fill the stadiums. Our company increased by, like, 70% or something similar since we were the only item being watched. And yeah, there is absolutely nothing woke that we do here.His contradicting remarks have generated a lot of fan anger, and many have brought to the UFC’s official Pride Month shorts as evidence.

Dana White’s history of anti-woke sentiments

Dana White has a history of taking anti-woke positions for various reasons, despite the remarks’ apparent contradictions. The 53-year-old was vehemently opposed to the idea of women competing in the UFC before to Ronda Rousey’s ascent to legendary status as the organization’s women’s bantamweight.

Additionally, he has constantly refused to back down from the too personal jabs that fighters like Colby Covington and Conor McGregor employ against their rivals when they criticise their opponents’ families, personal lives, religions, etc. Despite the fact that the UFC has a code of conduct, this continues.

Sadly, it is not always followed. Even adding the highly controversial athlete Greg Hardy to the company despite the heavyweight’s history of domestic abuse was an unconventional move by the UFC president.

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