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“Craig out here just describing Gordon” – Fans are laughing and crying at Craig Jones’ diagnosis that “autism and steroids” is the recipe for champions. “Craig out here just describing Gordon”


Australian grappler and Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt A while ago, when outlining the perfect combination of characteristics that he seeks for in an athlete, Craig Jones made some statements that were both humorous and problematic.

Jones made these remarks in a recent episode of his El Segundo Podcast, which may be seen here:

“If you have the correct mix, which is why I call it the Goldilocks sign, if you have the right mix of autism and steroids, you are one hundred percent guaranteed to become a world champion. And this is the thing: people are focusing on steroids, but as a world-class coach, you actually want to attract people with autism because you can provide steroids to anyone. People are focusing on steroids, but you can give steroids to anyone. Despite all of our efforts, we have not yet been successful in giving anyone autism.

Fans were confused about what Jones was trying to say, and many made their confusion abundantly plain in the comments section of the post.

“Craig is out here just describing Gordon [Ryan]””I don’t know that there is any athlete who competes at a higher level who is funnier than Craig Jones, and the fox catcher wrestling shirt is just the icing on the cake.”
Others made attempts to use logic to justify the perfect mix that Jones described.

They have a limited awareness of their surroundings and poor balance. Unlikely.””I have just the right amount of autism to make life challenging without any of the advantages that come along with it.”Where can I get my hands on some autism?”I believe that I have the incorrect form of autism. Not the kind that is good at arithmetic and has a passion for trains. I suffer from the severe variety of social anxiety. Will adding more steroids make this better?”
Fans supplied numerous platforms with people who fit Craig Jones’ ideal mix, as well as recommended other pairings.

Craig Jones hits back at Islam Makhachev’s comments on Alexander Volkanovski’s wrestling

Alexander Volkanovski is the current UFC featherweight champion, and Craig Jones is a member of his entourage. Jones coaches Volkanovski throughout fight camps. The fact that they are both citizens of the same nation gives them a natural bond.

Jones was in attendance for Volkanovski’s headlining fight in Perth, which was for the lightweight championship and was against Islam Makhachev. After the arduous fight, he talked about meeting the UFC champion at 155 pounds and how it went.

Jones and Makhachev had a hug before the boxer asked Jones why he didn’t teach Volkanovski how to escape a body triangle. Makhachev was the one who taught Volkanovski. Jones did not provide a response at the time; however, he did so in a subsequent interview on Lex Fridman’s podcast in which he made mention to the event:

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