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Ali Abdelaziz posts incriminating tweet again on Islam Makhachev’s IV usage after deleting once


Ali Abdelaziz may have made a mistake once more. The well-known MMA manager is renowned for passionately defending athletes managed by Dominance MMA, but his most recent tweet might have unintentionally implicated Islam Makhachev twice.

At UFC 284, where Alexander Volkanovski was defeated by Islam Makhachev, Dan Hooker made some shocking accusations against the Dagestani champion. Makhachev allegedly used an IV to rehydrate himself illegally before his fight, according to “The Hangman.”

In a since-deleted tweet, Abdelaziz addressed the issue and outlined some inaccurate limitations on the amount of IV that was permitted, giving many the false impression that Makhachev had actually cheated. The same was also revealed by seasoned MMA journalist Ariel Helwani.
Sadly for Ali Abdelaziz, his subsequent tweet might have brought Makhachev into the picture once more. He recently posted a quote from a declaration that said combatants utilising IV rehydration were permitted:

I’m going to embarrass everyone on Wednesday. Stay tuned. “Brother, these people making something up is startling to me, Islam did not do any IV even if he wanted to do we would do it the legal manner.”

Contrary to popular belief, the Western Australia Combat Sports Commission (WACSC) outright forbids the use of IV infusions in medical crises. This contrasts with the UFC and USADA, who do permit them. Perth’s UFC 284 event was overseen by the WACSC.

Fans react to Ali Abdelaziz posting another potentially incriminating tweet on Islam Makhachev’s alleged IV use

Ali Abdelaziz may have recently made two mistakes while attempting to defend Islam Makhachev from accusations of cheating. Abdelaziz erased his first tweet after it was heavily criticised for being incriminating, and then he did as previously mentioned in his second tweet.
Fans and the larger MMA world, however, appear to believe they accidentally caught Ali Abdelaziz telling him about Islam Makhachev once more. Many users criticised and made fun of his tweet. Fans responded to the message with their opinions about the accusations and his words.

“Islam didn’t seem to use IVs, but if I’m not mistaken the Australian commission has authority over USADA/UFC regulations regarding IV use. There is a zero-tolerance policy at the commission, correct?”
If so, why did you begin advocating the use of IVs and asserting that fighters may consume 2-3 litres? You wouldn’t have to start advocating the usage of 2-3 litre IVs if Makhachev had never used them.”
Ali, About a particular tweet you removed, I have a few inquiries.”

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