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A reaction from Islam Makhachev to the news that Ilia Topuria knocked out Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 298 and took the featherweight title away from him


The defeat of Ilia Topuria by Alexander Volkanovski has prompted Islam Makhachev to express his reaction.

During the highly anticipated UFC featherweight title fight that took place at UFC 298 last night, Volkanovski and Topuria entered the cage to compete against one another. At the beginning of the fight, Volkanovski was considered to be a faint favorite. When he was inside the octagon for the last time, his fate was not all that unlike to what happened to him.

There were a number of clean shots that were landed by both combatants throughout the first round, and it was difficult to differentiate between the two of them. During the second round, Topuria continued to exert pressure on Volkanovski. He hit the champion on the chin with a strong overhand right at the conclusion of a four-punch combo, which resulted in the knockout of “The Great.”

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In response to Volkanovski’s defeat via knockout in the second round, Makhachev, Volkanovski’s former opponent, offered some encouraging comments.

This UFC lightweight champion praised Volkanovski for being a great champion and said, “Having shared the octagon twice against ‘The Great’ and being the person who handed the Australian his first knockout defeat, I wish to express my gratitude to Volkanovski for being a great champion.”

“There is no denying that Alex is one of the most accomplished champions in the FW category. Maintain your composure and make a comeback with vigor! All the best to the new champion, Topuria! Congratulations!
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Volkanovski has now been defeated by stoppage in consecutive fights, the first one being against Makhachev in October of the previous year and the second one being against Topuria on Saturday at UFC 298. There is still a lot of uncertainty about the future of his mixed martial arts career.

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