5 UFC fighters who were KO’d for the first time 

Fans of combat sports can have some exhilarating moments thanks to UFC fighters. While there are several ways for a fight to end in MMA, knockouts are always the most conclusive methods.

A knockout can occasionally be rather routine. Simple strong blows are used to knock down opponents before finishing them off with further punches. Other fights come to an explosive conclusion, such when Jorge Masvidal flattens Ben Askren with a flying knee in less than five seconds. Such KOs have consistently been the talk of the MMA scene.

The knockouts that occur against competitors who have never been defeated, however, are the most electrifying. Five UFC fighters who were knocked out for the first time and haven’t been knocked out since are included on this list.

#5. Alexander Volkanovski vs. Corey Nelson, Australian FC 5

The world’s best P4P fighter is Alexander Volkanovski. He will compete against lightweight champion Islam Makhachev for the 155 lb belt in February while still the UFC featherweight champion. The Australian has faced bigger opponents than the Dagestani, despite the fact that many are worried about his size disadvantage against Makhachev.

The Great has an almost perfect MMA track record. But before going on to fight in the UFC, he battled Corey Nelson at welterweight and suffered his only career defeat. Immediately after the third round began, a head kick and subsequent punches overpowered the potential UFC featherweight champion.

It is still Volkanovski’s lone defeat during his career. The Australian sensation hasn’t even gone close to getting knocked out once more, with the exception of a few knockdowns he sustained in subsequent fights.

#4. Tony Ferguson vs. Michael Chandler, UFC 274

One of the most outstanding lightweights in UFC history is Tony Ferguson. The previous temporary champion was once in charge of one of the promotion’s scariest winning streaks. He had a 12-fight winning streak, which made the majority of his opponents appear like they had been in an auto accident.

He was not only an unstoppable cardiac powerhouse but also as tough as any combatant could ever be. ‘El Cucuy’ had never been knocked out until to the recent decline in his career. He lost against Justin Gaethje through TKO, however he was still standing when Herb Dean intervened and stopped the contest.

The previous interim champion didn’t run into Michael Chandler until UFC 274. Fans were given a glimpse of “El Cucuy,” but it didn’t amount to much. Ferguson was knocked out stiff by “Ironmassive “‘s front kick in the first few seconds of the second round.

#3. Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier 2, UFC 257

Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor are well acquainted with one another. Nine years ago, the two fighters faced off against one another in the featherweight division. After clipping “The Diamond” behind the ear with a left hook, the Irishman prevailed. However, the Louisianan would exact his retribution almost ten years later.

In order to get entry into a title bout, “The Notorious” was hoping that UFC 257 would be a new beginning. Poirier, however, had other ideas. Although their first round was close, the Irishman appeared to be winning the striking exchanges. Poirier nevertheless kicked him in the calf as punishment.

Additionally, he regularly countered McGregor with check hooks to punish his propensity to lean too much forward. The Irishman’s lead leg was severely damaged by the second round, and the check hooks had paid off. He was cornered up against the fence by Poirier, who then unleashed a series of blows that crushed him for a second-round TKO.

2. Daniel Cormier vs. Stipe Miocic 2, UFC 241

Although the rematch between Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones was initially declared a knockout loss, it wasn’t recorded as such. The fight was deemed a no-contest because “DC’s archenemy” tested positive for PEDs. Therefore, technically speaking, Cormier had never been eliminated at the time.

After “DC” decided to challenge Stipe Miocic for the heavyweight title again, everything changed. In their first fight, the former Olympian prevailed by punishing Miocic for his propensity to drop his hands when he released the grip. In an odd turn of events, Miocic forced Cormier to bear the consequences of his own proclivities

One of the smaller heavyweight competitors was Cormier. He thrust his arms forward to catch their hands and throw looping counters over their jabs, countering his opponent’s jab. Unfortunately, he completely exposed his midriff by doing so.

As a result, Miocic viciously pummelling Cormier’s abdomen with body blows in the fourth round of their rematch. Eventually, ‘DC’ dropped his arms to shield his stomach, showing just his chin. Miocic pounced, connecting with a number of blows on his way to falling and TKO-ing “DC” with further blows.

#1. Kamaru Usman vs. Leon Edwards 2, UFC 278

Years of planning went into the rematch between Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman. The undisputed champion of the welterweight category at the time was known as “The Nigerian Nightmare.” Rocky, a 170 lb. hopeful who wanted to win his first-ever world title, was in the meantime.

Usman won the previous fight between the two after earning a landslide unanimous decision victory. Their rematch appeared to proceed similarly. With the exception of the first round, in which Edwards became the first fighter to knock Usman to the ground, Usman dominated their rematch at UFC 278 until the very last second.

The Nigerian Nightmare’s reign as champion was abruptly ended with just one minute remaining in the final round. In order to trick him into turning his head outside and into the direction of a seismic head kick, Edwards pretended to make a straight left. Usman suffered his first career knockout loss when he was knocked out before he even touched the ground.

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