“Won this Twitter exchange by decision” – Belal Muhammad’s return to shut down Darren Till has supporters in a state of disarray.

After Darren Till, a former UFC star who was born and raised in Liverpool, made a sarcastic comment regarding Belal Muhammad’s fighting style, the UFC welterweight champion responded by attacking Till.

He continued to call out Leon Edwards, the current welterweight champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, for a title match on X (which was formerly known as Twitter), and Till responded to Muhammad’s tweet by saying:

“If you was fighting in my back garden I’d close the curtains”

Extend the Tweet Muhammad responded by saying:

“Trailer parks have gardens ?”

Enlarge the Tweet

Many supporters expressed their satisfaction with Muhammad’s reaction, writing that he emerged victorious in the online battle with the former welterweight title challenger: ” Muhammad’s response earned a warm reception from many fans.”

“Belal won this twitter exchange by decision” “Ppl who live in trailer parks catching strays from Belal for no reason” “Did Belal just 10-8 someone””Belal ‘Remember the Meme’ Muhammad” “Bro Till already going through tough times yo ain’t had to violate him like that”
Others speculated about the possibility of Muhammad and Edwards competing as the main event at UFC 300:

“if Belal vs Leon is the main event, Dana and UFC fumbled HELLA bad”

Belal Muhammad praises Islam Makhachev as best pound-for-pound fighter after training with him

Since and prior to his bout against Sean Brady, Belal Muhammad has participated in a few training sessions with Islam Makhachev and Khabib Nurmagomedov’s camp.

Fans were taken aback by Muhammad’s performance versus Brady because he displayed a more savage and previously unseen aspect of his game. In a recent interview that was broadcast on the Overdogs Podcast, Muhammad expressed his admiration and admiration for the former lightweight champion.

It was mentioned in the documentary titled “Remember the Name” that Makhachev is the finest fighter on the roster in terms of pound-for-pound competition and has the potential to leave behind an indelible legacy.

“Yeah, I believe that Islam is without a doubt the best religion in terms of weight, the way I feel about it.” I believe that he has the potential to go down in history as one of the best people who have ever done it, in terms of skill. If you consider that Khabib has been your primary training partner for your entire life, then you can see that these guys are unquestionably superior to everyone else. I have the impression that he is still capable of coming in right now and becoming a champion in whatever weight class that he chooses. I’ve seen him not just go with other UFC fighters, but I’ve also seen other people come and visit and train with those guys, and then they don’t show up the next day.

In addition, Muhammad said that Makhachev repeatedly submitted him when they were receiving training.

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