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Within the context of the ongoing battle between Israel and Hamas, former Bellator fighter Haim Gozali has claimed credit for a missile bearing Kanye West’s name.


It would appear that Haim Gozali has claimed credit for a rocket that bears Kanye West’s name that was launched. The most notable aspect of Gozali’s career as a mixed martial arts fighter is his time spent competing for the Bellator MMA promotion.

Gozali, who has a record of 15-6 in mixed martial arts and 2-0 in bare-knuckle boxing, has recently been making headlines due to his socio-political statements concerning the battle between Israel and Hamas in 2023.

On the 7th of October, 2023, a number of Palestinian militant factions launched an unexpected invasion against the nation of Israel. One of the most important aspects of the assault was a military operation that was known as “Al-Aqsa Flood,” also known as “Al-Aqsa Storm.”

It was the Palestinian Sunni-Islamic fundamentalist militant organization known as Hamas that was the driving force behind it. Through the course of the attack, more than two thousand rockets were fired against Israel. Furthermore, Palestinian troops attacked a number of Israeli civilian locations as well as military establishments.

From the Gaza Strip, members of Palestinian terrorist organizations such as the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) and Hamas were responsible for orchestrating the attack. During their journey return to Gaza, they claimed to have taken hundreds of people hostage and were responsible for the deaths of over 1,200 people living in Israel.

Hamas was the target of Israel’s declaration of war in retaliation. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have carried out a number of airstrikes during their operations in Gaza. Additionally, they have sent forces to the ground in order to combat Hamas and other Palestinian militant groups within the region. While this is going on, the Palestinian side is continuing its offensive against Israel by launching rocket attacks and ground offensives.

Having served in the Israeli Defense Forces, Haim Gozali has been quite outspoken in his advocacy for his home country of Israel. Kanye West, often known as Ye, is a megastar and icon in the world of hip-hop in the United States. He is also a Hollywood celebrity. Today, Gozali has found himself in the crosshairs of someone. Since 2022, West has been criticized for making a substantial number of statements that are anti-Semitic, and each of these statements has been denounced. The rapper issued an apology for it not too long ago.

Additionally, as stated by 102.5 The Block, Haim Gozali recently posted on Twitter a picture of an Israeli Defense Force missile that had Kanye West’s name inscribed underneath it. The following is what was written on the back of the missile:

“Kanye West flying to Gaza Haim Gozali”
As a result of West’s fiery words against Jewish people and Israel, it is generally agreed upon that Gozali’s remark was directed into the direction of West. Including a note that was connected to the tweet, the former Bellator fighter said the following, which was a reference to West’s controversial comments:

Haim Gozali faces criticism due to alleged anti-Islam stance

In the midst of the confrontation between Israel and Hamas in 2023, Haim Gozali was subjected to punitive actions, which included the suspension of his primary X account owing to reports of anti-Islamic posts. A number of Muslim UFC fighters, including Khabib Nurmagomedov, Islam Makhachev, Belal Muhammad, and Khamzat Chimaev, were featured in social media postings that Gozali created. These posts featured photos of Israeli Defense Force missiles with the names of these fighters inscribed on them.

Enlarge the Tweet
In the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, sometimes known as the Israel-Palestine conflict, the four UFC fighters mentioned above have repeatedly voiced their support for Palestine.

In light of the fact that Gozali had released photographs on his website that depicted the names of the fighters on missiles, his detractors have criticized him for making hostile statements. Alternately, his supporters believe that he was merely showing support for his country and that he was making a specific reference to the combatants in the Ultimate Fighting Championship rather than their religion as a whole.

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