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While Andrew Tate is dealing with a medical emergency in his family, Chael Sonnen offers him some words of advice.


Chael Sonnen recently shared some words of wisdom with Andrew Tate in light of the outspoken influencer’s mother, Eileen Tate, being admitted to the hospital.

In a recent tweet, Tate stated that his mother had suffered a heart attack and was admitted to the hospital. Considering that ‘Cobra’ and his brother are legally forbidden from leaving Romania on account of being charged with various federal crimes, he’s also intending to submit a request for an emergency visit to London.

After Tate made the tweet, Chael Sonnen advised him to fly to England regardless of the consequences and to spend time with his mother. Quote-tweeting Tate’s post, ‘The American Gangster’ wrote:

“Go. Consequences will be little compared to remorse. Go.”

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Eileen Tate is supposedly a British citizen residing in London and mothered three children with her late ex-husband, Emory Tate. While Andrew Tate and his brother, Tristan, are viral public figures, their sister, Janine Tate, supposedly chooses not to associate with her brothers on account of their alleged misogynistic beliefs.

While ‘Cobra’ has refrained from disclosing too many specifics about his mother, he has referred to her as a “mean and hard” type of woman. Nevertheless, it appears the former kickboxer maintained a close bond with his mother.

Andrew Tate claims he’s ready to be imprisoned for a longer period

Andrew Tate recently resorted to social media to make the announcement that he is prepared to face a longer sentence in jail. He also dispelled any rumors that he was terrified of being sent back to prison.

To provide some background, Tate and his brother were taken into custody by the Romanian anti-organized crime unit in the month of December in the year 2022. Both of them were accused of committing significant offenses like as rape, human trafficking, and conspiracy to organize a syndicate, and they were eventually charged with these offenses. Because of this, the Tate brothers were required to serve more than three months in jail as part of their mandatory incarceration.

The Tates were granted permission to leave jail in March of 2023, and they were required to remain under house arrest for the remainder of their imprisonment time. After some time, they were granted permission to leave their home, but they were not permitted to leave the country.

Andrew Tate recently took to X and openly said that he would be happy with returning to prison, despite the fact that there has been no fixed trial date as of yet. As he wrote:

The fact that my children are so pure and immaculate is a true blessing from God. No matter what kind of nonsense they use to torment me, as long as all of the mothers and all of the children are content and spoiled, I don’t care. When it comes to the cockroaches and psychopaths, I am ready for more time behind bars… A safe and offshore location for the clan’s hundreds of millions of dollars. I don’t let fear hold me back.”

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