When asked about his goals in the martial arts, Kang Ji Won said, “Ever since then, I’ve been walking this path.”

As is the case with the vast majority of people who compete in martial arts, ONE heavyweight superstar ‘Mighty Warrior’ Kang Ji Won gave up a more conventional and comfortable professional life in order to pursue the activity that he loved above all others.

The native of Geoje Island spent the most of his spare time as a youngster participating in sports, which kept him motivated despite the fact that he did not appreciate any of the lessons that he was required to learn.

But it wasn’t until he discovered mixed martial arts that he started falling in love with the world of combat sports. Taekwondo was the initial discipline that put him into the road that he enjoys today, but it wasn’t until he discovered mixed martial arts that he started falling in love with the combat sports realm.

Kang Ji Won, who will be making his return on November 3 against Ben Tynan, an unbeaten newcomer, at ONE Fight Night 16, acknowledges that the early days of his career were challenging but ultimately gratifying.

He stated the following to ONE Championship:

“Had I chosen that route [of becoming a worker with a 9 to 5 schedule], I know that I would have questioned the purpose or meaning of my life.”

Being a promising young full-time athlete is never an easy road to travel, regardless of where in the globe you live. The South Korean colossus did have second thoughts about his decision on occasion because to the restricted opportunities and high costs associated with operating a training camp.

In spite of this, “Mighty Warrior” prioritized his own pleasure above all else and took on a few part-time jobs in order to finance his goals. He would put in work both before and after his workouts to ensure that he had the funds to meet all of his monthly obligations.

During the same interview, he also said the following:

I was confident that it would be the best option for me, and ever since then, I’ve been following this course of action.
Within a span of just five years, Kang Ji Won was able to turn his amateur efforts into a successful career as a professional athlete.

The 28-year-old fighter, who had previously competed in the regional circuit, secured a spot on the heavyweight roster of ONE Championship after compiling a perfect 3-0 record in his previous bouts.

Mighty Warrior has established himself as a leading contender for a world title by winning three out of his last four fights over the course of the past two years. And if he defeats Tynan on November 3 at ONE Fight Night 16, he will likely have the chance to compete for the gold, which will bring him one step closer to achieving his goal.

Fans in North America who have an active subscription to Amazon Prime Video will be able to see the entire bill live and without charge during primetime in the United States.

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