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This is the second time that fans have accused Conor McGregor of using cocaine, following his most recent street interview [VIDEO].


Following the widespread dissemination of his most recent street interview on social media, Conor McGregor is being accused of using “cocaine” by his supporters.

‘The Notorious’ has been accused of using cocaine on multiple occasions, and charges of a similar nature have been made once more in recent times. The concept of a social media interview that went viral was one in which the interviewer typically inquires about the occupation of a wealthy person. McGregor was a participant in this concept.

When Conor McGregor was asked the same topic, he responded with an answer that included the following pretty peculiar statement:

“Give people hope and inspiration. “Inspire and give hope to the masses.”

Following the interview’s widespread dissemination across social media platforms, supporters began to level suspicions that the former UFC champion had once again engaged in cocaine use. Check out some of the responses that have been provided below:

Chael Sonnen believes Conor McGregor won’t be a part of UFC 300

The forthcoming UFC 300 event, which is going to be historic, has been the subject of a great deal of excitement. There has been a lot of discussion regarding the competitors who will be on the program, and one name that has come up pretty regularly is that of Conor McGregor that has been mentioned. It is reasonable to do so when one takes into account the fact that he is the most prominent figure in the organization.

However, Chael Sonnen believes that this will not be the case in the future. The main event of UFC 300 should be a title fight, according to Sonnen, and Conor McGregor will not be competing for the title. Sonnen believes that this should be the case. A further explanation was provided by the former UFC fighter, who stated that having McGregor on the undercard would not be a good look.

In a conversation with MMA Junkie, Chael Sonnen made the following statement:

“It would be difficult to bank on getting Conor McGregor back and not using him, especially considering that he is your most prominent celebrity. Nevertheless, I believe that the main event will feature a fight for the title of champion. Furthermore, McGregor does not possess a title. Therefore, if you place Conor on the schedule, you are choosing to put your most prominent star in a position that is not the headliner. Wow, you just demoted your most promising employee.
He went on to say:

It seems to me that this eliminates Conor. I am of the opinion that the reason for the massive amount of effort being put into bringing [Du Plessis] and Strickland together is because either Adesanya is returning… Adesanya, in particular while competing against Du Plessis, but also when competing against Sean in a rematch, makes me believe that he would be a very worthy main event contender.

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