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There is a prospective champion vs champion bout between Jarred Brooks and Demetrious Johnson, and Jarred Brooks promises to “sell the living sh** for it.”


In the modern era of combat sports, it is possible to argue that being able to sell fights with amazing microphone skills is equally as vital as being a brilliant performance within the Circle. This is because the ability to sell fights allows one to sell bouts.

The reigning strawweight mixed martial arts world champion, Jarred Brooks, is more than happy to engage with his opponent prior to the fight, which further creates more interest in his matches. ONE Championship is the organization that offers this opportunity.

Along with his incredible wrestling talents, Brooks would ride that wave of enthusiasm on his way to eventually dethroning Joshua Pacio, who was the champion at the time, in a five-round bout that was a barn-burner. This would take place in December of 2022.

As a result of the amount of attention that a Brooks fight receives, “The Monkey God” is certain to get a large audience if he were to compete against the legendary mixed martial arts fighter Demetrious Johnson. This was something that he pointed out in a very moving way in an interview with Nic Atkin that was posted on the YouTube channel of Johnson:

“Man, you just have to agree to give me an opportunity to compete against the big names. You pit me against Demetrious Johnson, and I promise you that I will sell the living s*** out of that fight. I will not let you down. According to my estimation, Demetrious still has a couple of years left to fight, and he doesn’t have a lot of competition.

Jarred Brooks set for rematch with former ONE strawweight king

Because Jarred Brooks will have the opportunity to address his detractors in a rematch with Pacio at ONE 166, which will take place at the Lusail Sports Arena in Qatar on March 1, 2024, he will be a headlining feature during the first quarter of the year 2024.

Without a doubt, “The Passion” presented Brooks with an intriguing challenge in the form of a classic striker-versus-grappler duel in the year 2022. But it was the latter’s dominance on the mat that made it possible for him to walk away with the global championship for the strawweight division of ONE Championship.

With vengeance undoubtedly on the mind of the Filipino superstar, Brooks will be putting in a lot of effort to prepare himself to defeat his most fierce competitor.

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