The openness of the American fans is something that Demetrious Johnson values.

Demetrious Johnson, the reigning world champion in the ONE Flyweight division, is well aware of the fervent nature of American fans, particularly in regard to combat sports.To such an extent that he was already prepared for the uncensored candour of people who attended the event at the 1stBank Centre in Denver, Colorado over the weekend.After competing solely in Asian countries for the past five years, “Mighty Mouse” made a successful return to his native territory by dominating Adriano Moraes in the rematch that served as the main event of ONE Fight Night 10 (also known as “the rubber match”).

After spending the better part of his storied career plying his trade in North America, the 36-year-old is well aware of the pressure to perform in front of an action-hungry and frequently overdemanding crowd. This is because the most of his career has been spent in North America.

Demetrious Johnson, on the other hand, enjoys being in these kinds of predicaments and even takes pleasure in a boisterous audience that, depending on the fighter’s performance, will either cheer or jeer them.

“No, it’s America; I know because I’ve been there,” she responded. America, don’t you think we’re all on the same page? In certain respects, is that correct?”So I am a hometown guy, and I’ve been fighting here for a very very long time, so they’ll let you know they don’t like you,” he said. “I’ve been fighting here for a very very long time.”To tell you the truth, ONE Championship’s first on-ground event in the United States absolutely surpassed the expectations of fans in this country.

The action-packed bill featured 11 bouts, including mixed martial arts (MMA), muay thai, and submission grappling. The fights kept the audience on the edge of their seats.

Almost every single battle lived up to expectations, and after several of the jaw-dropping knockouts and submissions, there was even some mayhem.

The third and final fight between Demetrious Johnson and Adriano Moraes was not as fast-paced as their first two confrontations; yet, the American spectators still admired the technical expertise that was displayed throughout the five rounds of the bout.

Prime Video members in North America get the opportunity to relive the mayhem that was ONE Fight Night 10 at no additional cost.

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