“That’s where my world is going to begin; that’s where his world is going to end.” After his dominant performance over Josh Emmett, Ilia Topuria poses a significant challenge to Alexander Volkanovski.

Following an outstanding performance from “El Matador” this past weekend, featherweight contender Ilia Topuria is convinced that he is the fighter best suited to unseat reigning champion Alexander Volkanvoski.

In the main event of UFC on ABC 5, Topuria faced off against Josh Emmett, who was rated fifth in the featherweight division. “El Matafor” immediately asserted his superiority over his challenger and established himself as a genuine title contender at 145 pounds. The Georgian came out on top in the fight with scorecards of 50-44, 50-42, and 49-46 respectively.

Before his bout with Emmet, Ilia Topuria claimed that, should he ever get the opportunity to compete against “The Great,” he would knock out Alexander Volkanovski in the first round with a knockout blow. Following his outstanding performance at UFC on ABC 5, ‘El Matador’ called for a bout against the featherweight champion and stated the following:

“After you, it will be me [to claim the title]. Without a shadow of a doubt. What I justly deserve comes to fruition, which is to be ranked first and to win the UFC championship belt. I want Alex to defend that belt [against Yair Rodriguez], and I want him to show him and the whole world where his world is going to end and mine is going to start.
Watch the video starting at 1:50 down below:

The main event of UFC 290, which will take place on July 8, will feature a fight between Alexander Volkanovski and Yair Rodriguez, who is currently holding the interim featherweight championship.

Ilia Topuria is hopeful that the Australian will be able to successfully defend his championship. During his reign as champion at 145 pounds, ‘The Great’ has cultivated an image of invincibility, which Topuria is convinced he will destroy in a single round.

Ilia Topuria shares his thoughts on a potential bout with Max Holloway

After an outstanding performance against Josh Emmett at UFC on ABC 5, Ilia Topuria established himself as a legitimate contender for the 145-pound championship.

During his post-fight interview inside the Octagon, ‘El Matador’ called for a battle between himself and Alexander Volkanovski. During the press conference that took place after the event, he later discussed his opinions on facing Max Holloway rather than “The Great.” Topuria has declared that the only way he will meet Max Holloway is under one specific circumstance; else, he will wait for a shot at the title.

Since Volkanovski defeated Holloway for the featherweight championship at UFC 245, Holloway has been considered the division’s runner-up in terms of overall performance. However, ‘Blessed’s’ three losses to ‘The Great’ have made it tough for many fans to buy into a fourth bout between the two of them. “Blessed” has defeated every contender that the UFC has provided him.

The UFC’s matchmakers will be excited by the fresh blood of Ilia Topuria, and they may decide to postpone scheduling a title-eliminator battle between Max Holloway and Ilia Topuria in order to prevent the hype around ‘El Matador’ from being deflated.

During his post-fight press conference, Topuria made the following statement:

“I’m the next person in line,” he said. I am patient enough to wait, but if they propose the fight to take place in Spain with Max Holloway, I am game. In that case, I’m going to wait for my opportunity to take the title shot.”

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