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“That was really cool” – Sean Strickland wins hearts as he grants free ticket to fan who went to Sydney for UFC 293 and said it was “really cool.”


‘Tarzan’ Sean Strickland stole the hearts of fight fans all around the world when he gave a free ticket to UFC 293 to a dedicated fan.

Following the completion of the weigh-ins for the competition, Strickland was able to spend some time with his devoted supporters who had made the trip all the way to Sydney for the event. When he found out that one of them had not been successful in acquiring tickets for the fight, he kindly offered him one of his own tickets to attend the event.

Watch Sean Strickland give a fan a free ticket in the video that can be found below (3:37):

Fight fans were overjoyed by Strickland’s generosity, and they expressed their gratitude for ‘Tarzan’ by flooding the comments area on YouTube.

Have a look at some of the best responses down below.

The following was written by the user @RR-v:

“Damn, that was a really nice gesture on Strickland’s part to hook up that fan,” the speaker said.
Another user, @ashleyd1379, posted the following:

“Strickland, a true representative of the people! If only those individuals had actually obtained a ticket!! My vote is going to him! Could you possibly fathom arriving there without tickets and having a main event fighter really hand them to you? That is very incredible.

YouTube user @ben6591 posted the following:

“Sean made a complete stranger an offer of a UFC ticket???? That is very thoughtful of him. wth”
Another boxing enthusiast, @tjaulak4549, tweeted the following:

“Sean Strickland showed nothing but class by donating a ticket to that supporter. It’s great to see how much support he’s getting from the audience.
Opinion offered by @robtothejuice:

“[The] guy appeared extremely easygoing, and he was a genuine fan as well, so it probably isn’t a difficult choice for individuals like Strickland. They will assist others whenever they are in a position to do so. To echo what you’ve said, “pretty damn cool,”
Another user, @llongone2, posted the following:

“Strickland, at long last, convinced me to reconsider. He is not a jackass clown in any way.
In a different response, @quintenvan2559 mentioned the following:

“Sean has admitted that he was a racist a*hole in the past, but that via fighting he met cool individuals of all different colors, and as a result, he had a significant transformation as a result of this. In spite of the fact that he sometimes says weird sht, I no longer consider him to be a horrible guy. In fact, I now consider him to be a decent guy.

Israel Adesanya confident of thwarting Sean Strickland’s ground game at UFC 293

At UFC 293, reigning middleweight champion Israel Adesanya anticipates that his opponent, Sean Strickland, would focus primarily on wrestling to try to defeat him. However, “The Last Stylebender” is certain that he will be able to foil “Tarzan’s” ground game.

During a recent event for the media, the New Zealander who was born in Nigeria shared the news that he has been working hard to improve his ground game under the instruction of the Australian grappler Craig Jones:

“I think he’s going to wrestle, and I’ve had something up my sleeve for his rear end since me and my good friend Craig Jones have been hanging out a lot… We have been practicing, and despite the fact that I’ve been doing this for a long time, I have not yet been able to choke a mother f***er out. Therefore, accomplishing that goal is one of the things that is on my agenda. I really hope he is a wrestler.

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