‘Rampage’ of the “Old C*nt” Within the context of a weird social media fight, Jackson has stooped to the point of body shaming Tai Tuivasa.

Until recently, very few people would have drawn the dots between Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Tai Tuivasa, who are both martial artists. Nevertheless, both individuals have found themselves at the center of an intriguing social media spat when ‘Rampage’ said, in a video posted to Instagram, that he could body slam the UFC heavyweight if he is sufficiently upset.

Tuivasa’s attention was drawn to the comment, and he responded to the mixed martial arts (MMA) legend with some trash talk:

“Rampage you old c*nt stop making peoples necks go green selling those fake chains”
However, this prompted Jackson to retaliate with some of his own trash talk, which included the following:

“Behave young buck behave, before i tell the UFC to ban belly dancers from fighting then you’ll be over here selling chains with me”

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As for Tuivasa, he responded to Jackson’s remarks with a slew of emojis depicting laughing faces. He did not take Jackson’s remarks personally. It is not the first time that the Australian heavyweight has become involved in trash talk on the internet. On the other hand, his previous altercations have mostly consisted of him engaging in brief back-and-forths with fans rather than with other members of the fighting community.

In the meantime, ‘Rampage’ Jackson has a reputation for engaging in trash talk during his time as an active mixed martial arts professional fighter. Although he has not participated in the sport since the 29th of December in 2019, he is not considered to be retired. In addition, he was active in the film Fight Circus 6: The Rise or Fall of Sloppy Balboa quite recently.

Rather than a mixed martial arts bout, it was a two-on-two boxing match in which he teamed up with Bob Sapp, a huge combat sports icon from the past who was primarily recognized for his large stature and the claimed tendency of throwing fights. A fighter who was only known as Woody and Jon Nutt were the opponents that the pair faced.

Is Tai Tuivasa the only MMA fighter ‘Rampage’ Jackson has body-shamed?

It turns out that Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has humiliated the physique of more than one mixed martial arts athlete. This day, it was Tai Tuivasa, a successful heavyweight fighter in the UFC. However, fourteen years ago, it was competitors from The Ultimate Fighter 10 named Darrill Schoonover who mockingly referred to Jackson as “T*tties.” Jackson’s attention was drawn to Schoonover because of his chubby body.

Schoonover was subjected to persistent bullying by Jackson on the show, which ultimately resulted in a furious altercation. The following is a notable allegation that Jackson made on his JAXXON PODCAST, stating that a battle between the two is currently occurring:

The promoter encouraged me to engage in combat. At that moment, I thought to myself, “Okay, I’ll come back and fight grudge matches only.” ‘Ttties’ from The Ultimate Fighter is going to be my opponent in this match. For the month of December, he just signed the contract, which was either yesterday or today. Indeed, I will be in good form. When that time comes, I will hopefully be 230 years old, and I will be fighting ‘Ttties.'”

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