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Max Holloway recalls the day a fan mistakenly branded him a Tony Ferguson doppelganger.


Max Holloway recalls a moment when a fan who didn’t recognise him dubbed him a Tony Ferguson lookalike.The former featherweight champion admitted that Tony Ferguson was once confused for him. According to Holloway’s narration, a worker approached him when he was out to lunch and informed him that he reminded him of Ferguson.It’s interesting how ‘Blessed’ attempted to drop a subtle hint by asking viewers to comment on how much more like Max Holloway he appears. The former UFC featherweight champion recalled the incident and said:

The worker appears and asks, “Yo, man, bro, has anyone ever told you? You remind me of Tony Ferguson. I simply kind of waved it aside and said, “Yeah, cool.” ‘Yo guy, you don’t know what UFC is,’ he exclaimed. And I responded, “Yeah, I know what UFC is. Actually, it’s interesting because many people tell me that when they talk about UFC, I look like Max Holloway. Do you remember the champ guy? And he responds, “Oh yeah.” And then he’s like, “That’s right, I kind of see it, but you kind of look like Tony Ferguson,” before turning to face me.

Max Holloway next fight: Who will ‘Blessed’ fight next?

This past weekend, ‘Blessed’ made his octagon comeback against Arnold Allen at UFC Kansas City. Holloway put up a fantastic performance and shown that he is still a worthy contender despite having just suffered a somewhat lopsided defeat to Alexander Volkanovski.

His future has been the subject of a lot of discussion after he defeated Arnold Allen. Another championship shot wouldn’t be unwarranted for Holloway, who has won 12 consecutive UFC non-title contests. But it appears like ‘Blessed’ wants to face another opponent first, then go for the championship.

Max Holloway mentioned that he would like to fight No. 6 rated contender Chan Sung Jung during the post-fight press conference at UFC Kansas City.

Sister, sister. Korean Zombie is the only member of the group who didn’t participate in a fight during my time with the elder men. That fight would be fantastic. Australia, the nation of my agency, is the scene of a battle. Australia is intended to occur at some point, although the exact date is unknown. Korean Zombie can have it if he so chooses. He can obtain it.

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