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Max Holloway has referred to a Mexican mega-star as his ideal opponent in the sport of boxing.


In a memorable statement that he made after his fight against Calvin Kattar at the UFC on ABC 1 event, Max Holloway referred to himself as “the best boxer in the UFC.”

This comment has been passed down through the generations of fans who witnessed his record-breaking striking show against Kattar. In a recent fan question and answer session, ‘Blessed’ mentioned that his ideal boxing battle would be against Kattar.

Recently, he became a member of a group of fighters that consist of Justin Gaethje, Aljamain Sterling, and Jim Miller, all of whom are scheduled to make appearances on the highly anticipated UFC 300 card that will take place in April.

Holloway, who has fought a number of Mexican mixed martial arts opponents over the course of his career, including Brian Ortega, was questioned by a fan about the reasons he believes Mexican fans continue to express passion for ‘Blessed’.

This is what he said:

Father, I am of Hawaiian descent. Our ancestry is virtually identical. At this point, I might as well just refer to myself as being of Mexican descent. Do you see the chain that I have on?
This is what the former boxing champion had to say when he was asked who he would like to compete against in the ring:

Canelo [Alvarez] is the best option in light of the fact that you have just identified a number of Mexicans. It would be a lot of fun.”

Max Holloway predicts UFC 298 main event between Alexander Volkanovski and Ilia Topuria

A featherweight title fight between Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor, which took place at UFC 194, is expected to be the most anticipated fight in the featherweight division since that event. UFC 298 is scheduled to take place on February 17th.

In order to retain his title, which he has had since 2019, Alexander Volkanovski will compete against Ilia Topuria, who is in the process of becoming a rising contender.

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It has been declared by “El Matador” that his fight with Volkanovski will be one of the easiest fights he has ever fought, and “The Great” has expressed his intention to give the title challenger some humility.

When the two fighters compete against one another in the main event, viewers can anticipate an incredible show because both of them have unbeaten records at the featherweight division.

Max Holloway was one of the competitors that participated in the press conference that took place yesterday for UFC 300. Other fighters who will be competing on the card were also there. When asked to make a prediction on Volkanovski versus Topuria, “Blessed” responded as follows:

It is for a specific reason that they did not offer me Ilia. They were hoping that he would be able to make it to this bout… Volk is listening in on both of you talking. This will be Volk’s final fight, and he will either win or lose. It is the ‘Old Man’ who is speaking to him. You guys are going to find out tomorrow that the guy actually does have the dog in him to begin with. I believe that he should be able to finish Ilia inside four or five rounds. 20:10 to 20:35 of the video that was previously referenced

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