Kai Kara-France has been called out by an undefeated UFC fighter for backtracking on talks of a possible fight between the two of them.

Kai Kara-France, a flyweight fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, was criticized by another flyweight fighter for retracting his statements and avoiding discussions about a possible fight.

Muhammad Mokaev unleashed a scathing attack on the New Zealand boxer, accusing him of acting as if he was unaware of his existence in response to a question regarding whether or not he would meet him.

They had a conversation prior to Mokaev’s debut in the Ultimate Fighting Championship in 2022 against Cody Durden, during which Kara-France praised Mokaev’s form and praised him as a potential future contender. Mokaev cited this conversation.

As an amateur, he was the world champion and had never lost a match. If he continues to perform at this level, he will eventually break into the top ten. You’re absolutely right, he’s going to be a competitive candidate.
On the social media platform X, which was formerly known as Twitter, Muhammad Mokaev gladly received the accolades and indicated that he will be joining the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) sooner than anticipated. He also wished Kai Kara-France the best of luck for his next bout.

Despite the fact that he is a nice and courteous child, I shall see him sooner than he actually believes [emoji gold medal] I hope you have a wonderful weekend, @kaikarafrance.
Mokaev took a graphic from Sportskeeda that depicted the exchange that took place between the two boxers and included it in his most recent article.

Take a look at his post down below:

Enlarge the Tweet

Although Kara-France has been defeated in his most recent two bouts, which were against Brandon Moreno and Amir Albazi, Mokaev has not yet suffered a defeat in his professional career matches. His most recent victory came at UFC 294, where he defeated Tim Elliott. This brings his total number of victories inside the octagon to five.

Fans react to Muhammad Mokaev calling out Kai Kara-France on X

The No. 8 ranked Muhammad Mokaev enjoys a significant amount of support from fans, despite the fact that he is ranked lower than Kai Kara-France, who is now ranked fourth in the flyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Fans expressed their support for him in the comments section of his post, claiming that Kara-France was attempting to avoid the same fate as his comrades who have competed against opponents from Dagestan.

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