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In this article, Jon Anik explains why it is likely that Conor McGregor will meet Michael Chandler at the middleweight division due to the leg injury he sustained.


In a recent post on X, the Irishman stated that Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler are scheduled to compete against one another during the UFC International Fight Week event that will take place in June. It was also revealed by “The Notorious” that the fight would take place at the middleweight division, which is 185 pounds.

For months, fans had been eagerly awaiting an announcement regarding a fight involving Conor McGregor. The fact that he said that the fight would take place at 185 pounds, on the other hand, has led to speculation that the video was nothing more than a fake.

The UFC commentator Jon Anik, on the other hand, has offered a possible explanation for why the fight might take place at the middleweight division.

An interview that took place not too long ago with MMAJunkie posed the question of why “The Notorious” was not returning to the lightweight or welterweight divisions, where a victory might potentially set up a title fight with Islam Makhachev. As Anik noted:

“Brother, I pray that this is also the truth that we face… If I were to host a pay-per-view event, I would most likely remove the weight class from the lineup and instead concentrate on Conor McGregor fighting again.With all due respect to my good friend Conor, the only plausible defense for the bout that is taking place at middleweight is his leg. If the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) does not want him, and he does not want to lose weight in order to get that leg as strong as it can possibly be in order to attempt to make it through that fight, then he will not be able to compete. When it is weighed at [185 pounds], it is irrelevant to the division. At 25:09 and 25:42

To view the video, click here:

When Jon Anik made this statement, he was talking to the severe leg injury that Conor McGregor sustained when competing against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 in July of 2018. Due to the fact that he shattered both bones in his leg at the conclusion of Round 1, “The Notorious” has not participated in any competitions since then.

Conor McGregor’s leg injury make him more vulnerable to leg kicks, says former UFC fighter

Josh Thomson, a former fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship and a champion in Strikeforce, recently discussed his opinions on the possibility of Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler engaging in a fight.

The man known as “The Notorious” has boasted that he will kick Chandler in the head in 2021 by using the metal rod that was implanted into his leg. Nevertheless, Thomson is of the opinion that the change that will be made to McGregor’s leg will be more detrimental to him than beneficial.

During a recent episode of the Weighin’ In Podcast, which Thomson and John McCarthy produced and presented, he made the following statement:

The calf kicks and the leg kicks that you used against Chandler are something that you really must make use of. Because people believe that, “Oh, he’s got the plate in his legs, he’ll be able to kick,” among other things. No. It’s going to hurt things even more. Since 2008 or 2009, I have been living with a plate in my leg. In no way does this make it better. It makes the situation much more dire.”

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