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In response to allegations that Merle Christine, Alex Pereira’s ex-girlfriend, is married, the actor says, “I have a video of her attacking me”.


Merle Christine, Alex Pereira’s ex-girlfriend, has accused him of being dishonest in an interview in which he explained the reason for their breakup. Alex Pereira has responded to Christine’s accusations by saying that he was just being honest.

An interview that took place earlier this week with Full Send MMA provided Pereira with the opportunity to dispel rumors regarding the nature of his connection with Christine. The individual known as “Poatan” asserted that he severed his relationship with his ex-lover after learning that she was married.

On the other hand, Christine has refuted the allegation in an Instagram story since then, stating that she had already ended her relationship with her previous boyfriend prior to hooking involved with the UFC wrestler.

The champion of the light heavyweight division did not back down and moved to Instagram to refute the allegations made by his ex-partner. He did so by providing a piece of information regarding her supposed aggressive tendencies:

It is Merle’s belief that she is able to manage you. I have been conversing with her ex-husband for a few days, and as of today, I am aware of the capabilities that she possesses. She attacked me on the same day and at the same time, believing that I was going to react, but I’m not going to throw a tantrum about [her] doing this. This is a love discourse with two people taking place at the same moment. I am in possession of a video that shows her assaulting me because she did not obtain what she desired. On Instagram, the user @alexpoatanpereira is credited.

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Within the space of just seven fights, Pereira has won belts at both the middleweight and light heavyweight weight classes after signing with the Ultimate Fighting Championship in 2021. In addition to this, ‘Poatan’ has won two championships at Glory Kickboxing, making him one of the most accomplished combat sports fighters in the history of the sport.]

Alex Pereira talks about his next fight

During the same interview with Full Send MMA, Alex Pereira stated that he has already decided who he will face next. The 36-year-old sportsman claims that he has returned to training camp and is currently awaiting the official notification for the following:

I am doing well in my training, and I am making progress toward my objective. This week, I received a phone call from my manager, who informed me of the details on the day and time of my upcoming event. It’s only a matter of waiting for the UFC to make it available.
Take a look at the comments made by Alex Pereira below (2:34):

There have been several reports regarding Pereira’s next fight, ranging from a heavyweight battle against Tom Aspinall at UFC 300 to a trilogy fight versus Israel Adesanya at light heavyweight. Despite the fact that Pereira did not announce his opponent, there are numerous possible outcomes.

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