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In response to Ali Abdelaziz’s apparent confirmation that he is the owner of Islam Makhachev’s X account, fans react by saying, “You embarrass yourself and your fighters.”


As a result of Ali Abdelaziz’s recent mistake on the platform, Islam Makhachev may not be the author of his posts on X. This is because Ali Abdelaziz appeared to expose Islam Makhachev as the person behind the accounts of his soldiers.

An idea that Abdelaziz is the one who penned the social media posts for his soldiers has been around for quite some time. and Khabib Nurmagomedov was just starting out in his career, and his English was still not very good, the manager of the mixed martial arts fighter even admitted to doing so for him.

Nevertheless, the most recent post made by Abdelaziz seems to imply that he may be managing Makhachev’s account at the moment. A statement that was made on the internet by Charles Oliveira’s coach stated that the lightweight champion is avoiding a rematch with ‘do Bronx.’ The Egyptian came upon this post.

The manager of the mixed martial arts organization answered with the following:

“He’s probably going to lose to Arman and still I’m not gonna have to run.”
The apparent error made by Abdelaziz was mocked by fans, with @xavier_ratio saying the following:

Poor rat kid, you forgot to change your account. Both you and your fighters are embarrassed by your actions.

Enlarge the Tweet

Enlarge the Tweet
Look at the additional responses from fans down below:

“You forgot to switch to Islam’s acc””Charles is the people’s champ, they will regret provoking””Forgot to switch accounts embarrassing””Wrong account, btw how’s noah?””Ain’t no way he actually forgot to change accounts.”Reactions from fans to the mistake that Abdelaziz made on X It’s true.
Reactions from fans to the mistake that Abdelaziz made on X Yeah

That Islam Makhachev is trying to avoid a rematch with ‘do Bronx’ is something that Charles Oliveira’s coach might be thinking about. On the other hand, the lightweight champion recently made a statement indicating that he would be interested in fighting the victor of the battle between Oliveira and Arman Tsarukyuan, which is scheduled to take place at UFC 300.

Justin Gaethje deserves to fight Islam Makhachev next, says Ali Abdelaziz

Despite the fact that Islam Makhachev has not yet made an announcement regarding his next fight, the Dagestani fighter recently expressed his desire to fight Justin Gaethje in June.

It has been brought to the attention of both Gaethje’s management and Ali Abdelaziz, who is also the co-manager of Makhachev, that he is interested in a confrontation between the two players. As a result of his outstanding victory against Rafael Fiziev at UFC 286 and Dustin Poirier at UFC 291 in 2023, Abdelaziz is of the opinion that “The Highlight” is the lightweight challenger who is most deserving of a shot at the title.

During a recent interview with ESPN Mixed Martial Arts, Ali Abdelaziz made the following statement:

I believe that it is self-evident, man… On the other hand, Justin Gaethje is the kind of person who never wants anything to be given to him. Within the confines of the cage, he earned it by his sweat, blood, and tears. Islam Makhachev, who was passionate about engaging in combat with him… He made the statement, “It does not matter who, when, or how.” It doesn’t matter who they give me; I’ll fight! Justin Gaethje has worked hard for it, and Islam is absolutely thrilled about the prospect of fighting him.

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