In my heart, I feel vengeance…” After suffering a devastating defeat for a number of months, Anshul Jubli has vowed to bounce back on winning terms.

After suffering a defeat in his most recent bout in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Anshul Jubli, an Indian fighter, has sent a message of encouragement on social media.

The fighter known as “King of Lions” posted a video of himself working out on his X account and made a commitment to have a more successful rematch in the upcoming fight:

There is no reward for humility in the universe. In my heart, I seek vengeance. “Coming for Everything,” Anshul Jubli stated in his article.

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Over the course of the inaugural season of the Road to UFC tournament, Anshul Jubli was one of the competitors. ‘King of Lions’ faced off against Jeka Saragih in a lightweight bout that took place at UFC Fight Night 218. The fight was a finals bout. Jubli was triumphant in that fight after achieving a knockout victory in the second round of the fight.

The 28-year-old fighter was able to win the event and receive a contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championship as a result of his actions. In addition, Jubli became the first Indian fighter to ever win a fight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) with this victory. In recognition of his efforts, he was awarded a ‘Performance of the Night’ bonus of $50,000.

UFC 294 was the venue for Jubli’s next fight, which was scheduled to take place against Mike Breeden. At a weight of 159.5 pounds, Breeden was considered to be overweight for the lightweight contest. Despite this, Jubli consented to the fight taking place at catchweight and was also awarded thirty percent of the pay for the fight of ‘Money’.

The fighter known as “King of Lions” was able to prevail over his opponent in the first two rounds of the fight. In spite of this, Breeden was able to turn things around in the third round and ultimately ended up winning the fight against Jubli via knockout. As a result of the triumph, ‘Money’ dealt the 28-year-old fighter his first defeat in his professional mixed martial arts career.

Mike Breeden reflects on his victory over Anshul Jubli

At UFC 294, fans of mixed martial arts were treated to an unusual sight during the bout between Anshul Jubli and Mike Breeden. At the beginning of the third round of the fight, ‘Money’ began verbally attacking Jubli. Breeden was able to successfully implement the technique, as he began to gain the upper hand over his opponent and eventually knocked him out.

Immediately following the victory, “Money” made an appearance on Ariel Helwani’s The MMA Hour, where he discussed the factors that led to his actions during the third round of the fight. It was stated by Breeden that the individuals who were in his corner were the ones who suggested that he begin to bark at Jubli:

If you know me and the gym, you know that I am the loudest person in the room pretty much every time I am drilling or sparring. I have never growled in a fight, but if you know me and the gym, you know everything about me.The person in my corner said something to the effect of, “You need to start barking at this kid, you need to start making noise… Be a dog.” As soon as I heard that phrase repeated over and over again, I immediately began yelling at him.

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