Francis Ngannou and 4 other fighters the UFC clashed with

For a number of reasons, the UFC dominates the MMA scene. First of all, the promotion is home to the top boxers in the world, allowing it to field the most well-known names to attract pay-per-view purchases. Second, the severe compensation structure that the UFC imposes ensures that the organisation will generate an excessive amount of income.

Unfortunately, this results in combatants getting the raw deal. The promotion needs to receive a much higher portion of the revenue split than its fighters if it wants to keep making record-breaking earnings. This has caused the promotion and its boxers to conflict frequently.

There have always been differences of opinion, whether the topic is related to money or anything else. In light of Francis Ngannou’s recent resignation from the organisation, this list examines him and four other athletes who the UFC had a falling out with.

#5. Paulo Costa – UFC middleweight

One of the world’s most intimidating middleweights in the past was Paulo Costa. ‘Borrachinha’ remained unbeaten prior to his unsuccessful effort to unseat Israel Adesanya, the reigning champion, in 2020. Unfortunately, he chose a different career route after his embarrassing defeat to “The Last Stylebender.”

He gave up focusing on winning championships in favour of growing his social media following. He also started advocating for higher wages. ‘Borrachinha’ objected when Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Logan Paul engaged in an exhibition boxing battle that netted them a substantial sum of money.

He protested the pay scale for the promotion and called for higher pay. In exchange, the Brazilian received advice on not making unreasonable demands for more compensation after falling short of Israel Adesanya. He said that if Costa wanted to earn the same kind of money as a fighter, he should have turned to YouTube.

There was yet more contention. Robert Whittaker was supposed to face “Borrachinha,” but there were issues with compensation. He argued that his pay was insufficient for him to be facing top-five competition. Sadly, his demands were not granted, and the fight was called off.

#4. Nate Diaz – Former UFC welterweight

Negotiating with Nate Diaz was not always simple. After allegations that the “BMF” claimant no longer desired to compete in the UFC surfaced, that much became evident. Instead, he asserted that he was coerced into competing for the promotion.

The best of Stockton gradually requested higher pay because of the value he believed he added to the promotion. When there were disagreements over these contract conflicts, Diaz frequently chose to stay out of the fight rather than engage. This became especially clear after the promotion urged him to hold off until Conor McGregor made a comeback.

Unfortunately, because Diaz had no interest in the proposed clash, the trilogy fight was never scheduled. His ambition to fight out of his contract and the UFC’s competing desire for him to renew it defined his final year with the promotion.

3. Jorge Masvidal – UFC welterweight

Jorge Masvidal’s meteoric journey to fame was unpredictable. The majority of the “BMF” champion’s MMA career was spent as a journeyman. He was a technically adept boxer who consistently lost by a narrow margin. After his run of consecutive knockout victories over Darren Till and Ben Askren, things began to change.

After defeating Nate Diaz to win the symbolic “BMF” title, “Gamebred” became a household name. Fans were eager to see him square off against Kamaru Usman, the then-reigning welterweight champion, given his newfound notoriety. However, the promotion struggled to seal the deal, and Masvidal tweeted his displeasure.

He added emphasis to his objections by asking to be released from the promotion so he could assess his marketability. Although it was eventually rectified, the circumstance was serious enough at one point for it to become widely known.

#2. Conor McGregor – Former UFC two-division champion

For the most of the Irishman’s career, there has been a strong working relationship between Conor McGregor and the UFC. But it doesn’t mean they haven’t ever disagreed. The Irishman lost his first-ever UFC match to Nate Diaz after Rafael dos Anjos withdrew from the contest, which prevented him from making a challenge for the lightweight championship.

The Notorious attempted to take down his opponent after getting rocked during a boxing exchange, but he was unsuccessful. Instead, the best of Stockton stuffed his takedown and eventually won with a rear-naked choke. Therefore, “The Notorious” took the brunt of the loss’ psychological ramifications once the rematch was set up.

The thought of losing once more did not sit well with him at all. He refused to participate in his media responsibilities and skipped one of the pre-fight news conferences in order to increase his chances of winning. At UFC 200, the two were supposed to square off once more.

Sadly, McGregor was kicked out of the event for declining to participate in media duties. The top brass of the promotion was insistent that no boxer, not even “The Notorious,” was above doing media work.

#1. Francis Ngannou – Former UFC heavyweight champion

Since the days before his first-ever title match, Francis Ngannou and the UFC have not had a nice relationship. The top executives of the corporation at the time saw “The Predator” as a potential gold mine for promotions because of his reputation as a power punching phenomenon. Sadly, Stipe Miocic defeated the Cameroonian knockout artist.

Upper management’s promotional effort was ineffective, so he decided to launch a public campaign against “The Predator.” The Cameroonian was surprised by his assertion that Ngannou had an uncontrollable ego. Nothing changed, even after Ngannou eventually exacted revenge for his defeat by Miocic.

He demanded things of White as the new heavyweight champion of the promotion. Ngannou tried to get a boxing match, but the president of the promotion wouldn’t let any of his fighters compete under another promotion’s flag.

Power-punching champion left the promotion and vacated his belt when further disagreements over compensation and bonuses surfaced.

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