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Following Muhammad Mokaev’s dismissal of ‘Raw Dawg’ as a prospective flyweight BMF, Brandon Royval and Muhammad Mokaev engage in a back-and-forth exchange of accusations.


Moreno, a former champion of the flyweight division in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, will be competing against UFC flyweight Brandon Royval in the main event of the UFC Mexico City event. On February 24, Moreno will make his comeback to his native nation at Arena CDMX. Royval will take over for Amir Albazi in that match.

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Royval also indicated that the fight will be for the BMF championship in the flyweight division, which attracted a harsh response from Muhammad Mokaev, who is rated eighth in the flyweight division. In a dig at Royval’s record, which consisted of 15 victories and seven defeats, Mokaev pointed out that Royval had three losses out of his eight appearances in the octagon.

In his article, Mokaev stated that Moreno is deserving of a BMF, but Royval is not:

“Your record 15-7 Moreno can be BMF but definitely not you , chill out”
Take a look at his post down below:

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In an instant, Royval retaliated against the unbeaten Mokaev and his various performances up to this point:

“Damn lil bro your words have done more damage than you in a 3 round fight”

Fans react to Muhammad Mokaev’s dig at Brandon Royval’s record

The post that Muhammad Mokaev made on X, in which he compared Brandon Royval’s professional record to his own unbeaten record, was met with a variety of reactions from fans.

A number of admirers shared Mokaev’s opinion regarding Royval’s fighting abilities.

“That is precisely what I am stating. Basically, Royval is a piece of garbage. The last time he competed, he was a complete and utter dishonor to a championship match.
Others stated that Royval is deserving of a crack at the BMF title and that one does not need to have a perfect record in order to compete for the belt. They cited the fact that the first two matches for the belt did not require a perfect record.

What does that have to do with anything? “It would appear that you did not look at the records of the first two fighters who competed for the original belt of the Bare Minimum Fighters.” There were approximately fifteen defeats for both of the original participants in the BMF battle. “Take a look at the two records of the boys who participated in the BMF fight in its early stages. It’s some scrap!
A number of other fans took Royval’s side and praised him as a “exciting” fighter in contrast to Mokaev’s wrestling-heavy style of fighting. On the other hand, a submission finish has been an integral part of four out of five victories in the UFC octagon.

In order to be an entertaining fighter, it is necessary. The opposite of a decision-maker.””you’ll never be a bmf bc ur the most boring overrated fighter on the roster”

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