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Fans are ecstatic as Khamzat Chimaev makes his way toward Israel Adesanya with a threatening warning. “Hunting the African kings”


After making a reference to the idea that he is going to target Israel Adesanya next, Khamzat Chimaev has caused a buzz among fans of different combat sports.

Chimaev performed admirably in his return to the middleweight category at UFC 294, when he competed against Kamaru Usman, a fighter who had been given short notice. ‘Borz’ emerged victorious in a fight that was both extremely entertaining and very competitive, yielding a unanimous verdict in favor of his victory.

Following the conclusion of his triumph, Chimaev has posted a message on Instagram, where it appears that he is interested in competing against Adesanya, who was previously the middleweight champion. “The Last Stylebender” is presently taking a break from mixed martial arts (MMA) after suffering one of the most shocking defeats of the year, which was the loss of his title to Sean Strickland. It was shared by Khamzat Chimaev:

Fans are naturally excited about the possibility of a fight between the two UFC stars, particularly in light of the fact that the highly anticipated UFC 300 show is only around the corner. One of Chimaev’s fans has expressed their belief that it seems as though he is on the hunt for the “Nigerian Kings.”

“He’s Hunting the African kings”
One more supporter wrote:

“Bros on a mission to wipe out every Nigerian on the roster”
Despite the fact that some fans were pleased to see the callout, another fan is eager to see Chimaev compete against Usman again, particularly now that both fighters have had the opportunity to participate in a complete training camp. This is what they wrote:

‘I believe that Usman is deserving of a rematch. Because he accepted that battle on short notice, it was against a younger and more powerful opponent, and it was in a different weight class. Therefore, it is time for KC to express his thanks and agree to a rematch. For the purpose of determining who is the more skilled fighter, we need to establish an equal playing field.

Paulo Costa states he is pushing for a rescheduled bout against Khamzat Chimaev

Khamzat Chimaev is still a fighter that Paulo Costa, a middleweight fighter in the UFC, is excited to compete against.

At the upcoming UFC 294 event, ‘Borrachinha’ was scheduled to compete against ‘Borz’ and make his long-awaited return to the octagon. However, due to a severe staph infection that he had contracted in his elbow, the Brazilian fighter was unable to participate in the fight. Due to the fact that Costa ultimately decided to withdraw from the fight, he would not be able to compete in the octagon for the rest of the year 2023.

It has been confirmed that Costa will be competing against Robert Whittaker at UFC 298 in the following year. This comes after Costa has recovered from the infection and returned to full health.

It would appear that Costa’s decision has not been altered by the upcoming fight against Whittaker, as the Brazilian fighter stated on X that he is still interested in competing against Khamzat Chimaev. As he wrote:

I have been adamant in my request to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) to reschedule this fight for the UFC Saudi Arabia event. I am unable to think of a main event that would be suitable for it at this time because it would make sense in the Middle East. With all my heart, I would love to kick his [Khamzat Chimaev] behind over there. However, it appears that gourmet chenchen is not interested in engaging with that smoke.

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