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Exclusive: Dricus du Plessis discusses the reasons why Conor McGregor is still the most intelligent fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).


What are the reasons that Dricus du Plessis believes Conor McGregor is still the most intelligent fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship?

The mixed martial arts (MMA) community is anxiously anticipating McGregor’s return to the octagon after he has been out from competition for more than two years. Although it was anticipated that he would make a comeback in the previous year, it now seems as though he will face Michael Chandler in the summer.

McGregor has been able to keep his relevance despite the fact that he has not competed since July of 2021. “The Notorious” is well-known for his outspoken attitude, and he frequently uses social media to communicate his opinions on a variety of topics and developments, including some that are not linked to mixed martial arts (MMA).

According to du Plessis, this is one of the primary reasons why people continue to care about McGregor, and it is also what makes him a “smart guy” in his own right for the same reason. As part of a recent interview with Sportskeeda MMA, the South African fighter shared the following thoughts regarding the former champion of two different divisions:

“I believe that Conor McGregor is very brilliant. You should know that he is always quick on the trigger, that he always has something to say, and that he appears to be a very intelligent individual.

Dricus du Plessis on Sean Strickland trying to bite him during UFC 296 brawl

This next weekend, at UFC 297, Dricus du Plessis and Sean Strickland are scheduled to square off against one another. Due to the fact that the middleweight tandem has a history of animosity toward one another, there is a great deal of anticipation around the fight.

Strickland and du Plessis got into a fight while they were both in attendance at UFC 296, and security had to separate them in order to prevent further violence. Craig Jones, who is Alexander Volkanovski’s BJJ coach, later said that the UFC middleweight champion attempted to bite the South African fighter during the altercation. Jones made this revelation after Volkanovski had already been involved in the fight.

During the same interview with Sportskeeda, MMA du Plessis was asked about it, and he responded by saying the following:

As if I were to experience something similar… At that moment, I was thinking to myself, “Did this guy try to bite me?” Because he was grasping my head and pushing it down to the side, and I just slammed him to the floor, I suppose that was the biting action that took place. However, I did not receive any marks at all. “I believe that it was this ear on the left.”

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