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Conor McGregor raises the possibility of his comeback to the UFC 300 while dropping a clue.


It has not yet been announced whether or not Conor McGregor will return to mixed martial arts (MMA), but the Irishman just dropped a hint that may indicate that he will compete at UFC 300.

The much-anticipated anniversary card is scheduled to take place on April 13, and according to Dana White, the CEO of the business, there are still two fight announcements that are still to come for the event.

There has been no competition for “The Notorious” since July 2021, when he suffered a broken leg when competing against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264. After finishing season 31 of The Ultimate Fighter with Michael Chandler in the previous year, fans anticipated that the two would compete against one other in the octagon the following day, on August 15, following the conclusion of the season.

On the other hand, their bout has not yet been announced, and White has recently stated that he does not anticipate McGregor making a comeback until at least the third quarter of the year 2024.

However, ‘The Notorious’ took to Instagram earlier today (February 10) to upload a video of White announcing McGregor’s entry for a news conference prior to his fight with Floyd Mayweather. The clip was posted earlier today.

The Irishman threw fuel to the fire of conjecture that White will make the announcement of his return at UFC 300, which will take place on Monday, coinciding with the Super Bowl.

The following is a link to Conor McGregor’s Instagram story:

Daniel Cormier compares Ilia Topuria’s rise to that of Conor McGregor before fighting Jose Aldo

At UFC 298, which will take place the following weekend, Ilia Topuria will be competing against Alexander Volkanovski, and the title challenger is brimming with confidence in preparation for the fight.

The fighter known as “El Matador” anticipated that his bout against Volkanovski would be the least difficult fight he has ever fought in his career. As a consequence of this, a number of analysts have concluded that the Spaniard is overconfident in his performance in his first battle for the title.

In spite of the fact that Topuria is currently undefeated, he has already altered his Instagram bio to include the statement that he is the champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and that he has a record of 15-0.

Prior to his title fight with Jose Aldo at UFC 194, the featherweight contender’s ascension has been compared to that of Conor McGregor, according to Daniel Cormier, a former champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

This is what Cormier had to say about the main event of UFC 298 in a video that he uploaded to YouTube not too long ago:

Putting pressure on himself appears to be the only thing he is interested in doing… An image that comes to mind is that of Conor McGregor getting ready to fight Jose Aldo. He shared it with you, and he was so confident that he would be able to accomplish it. That you were aware that if it were to take place, he would become a star in the Ultimate Fighting Championship like we had never seen before… Consequently, [McGregor] traveled to the moon at the time it occurred.

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