Conor McGregor bulk: Find out why the Irishman’s transformed physique has led to talks about steroid usage?

After his last appearance in the octagon in July 2021, Conor McGregor has clearly put on weight. Since then, the Dubliner has been recovering from a fractured leg while touring Europe in his Lamborghini superyacht. For the most recent season of The Ultimate Fighter, “Notorious” will serve as Michael Chandler’s opponent as a rival coach. The following fight between McGregor and Chandler is anticipated to happen at 170 pounds. While packing on a few additional pounds for a welterweight fight may seem apparent, McGregor now looks like a middleweight. But, even this might have some justification in light of the Dubliner’s most recent foray outside the octagon.

For his Hollywood debut, ‘Notorious’ has been filming the Jake Gyllenhaal-led remake of the 1980s classic, ‘Road House’. To appear more bulked up in some sequences, McGregor could have needed to put on some muscle.

Yet, due to Conor McGregor’s evasive behaviour towards USADA testing, many began to link his bulk with the use of steroids or PEDs.

Conor McGregor bulk: How USADA controversy led to PED allegations

When fans learned that Conor McGregor, an Irish fighter, hadn’t been tested since the third quarter of 2021, PED accusations against him first arose in September 2022. The charges were instantly connected to the former UFC double champion’s recent bulk, which he frequently displayed on social media. When it was discovered that the Dubliner hadn’t joined the USADA testing pool even as recently as last month, McGregor supporters were even more disappointed. The Irishman won’t be eligible to compete until at least the fall of 2023 since USADA requires returning athletes to spend a minimum of 6 months in the testing pool.

With a specific exemption, which requires the UFC to prove that McGregor will suffer a financial or competitive hardship due to the return window, McGregor appears to have plans to get around the six-month restriction. On The MMA Hour, the Irishman said:

However, they had stated that two clean tests would be required before I could leave, so I figured it wouldn’t take long.

Conor McGregor must go through a six-month testing phase before he can participate in the UFC, according to USADA officials, who recently spoke with TSN’s Aaron Bronsteter.

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