Congratulations are pouring in for Israel Adesanya as the documentary titled “Stylebender” wins many prizes. The critical acclaim for the film continues to grow, and the film continues to be successful.

Following the success of his documentary titled “Stylebender,” which was published earlier this year, Israel Adesanya has received expressions of gratitude from his devoted followers.

According to a piece that was published on X by Adesanya, the film is a documentary that follows his climb to becoming one of the most prominent stars in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). The project was just awarded both Film of the Year and Documentary of the Year.

Following the documentary’s initial release a few months ago, the movie was just recently made accessible to people living in New Zealand through the use of an online streaming service.

To celebrate the success of the documentary, Adesanya tweeted the following on the social media platform X:

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Adesanya was hailed as the greatest mixed martial arts fighter of all time by @truthfulufcfan, who was among the many fans who took the time to give their well wishes to the former middleweight champion. As he wrote:

It’s you who’s the goat, bro. Do not ever alter.”

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See some responses from fans down below:

“Congrats” “The man, the legend.””Congratulations champ””King of the ring””Can’t wait to watch it” “@stylebender, you and your household have received the stylebender praise of the season….. Please make sure to say the jollof go round o…With love from Nigeria, written by a Nigerian. Enjoy!

Israel Adesanya shares an update on his return to the octagon

The previous time Israel Adesanya competed inside the octagon was at UFC 293, where he faced off against Sean Strickland.

It was anticipated that “The Last Stylebender” would easily crush his opponent before the fight. On the contrary, he was subjected to one of the most shocking defeats in the history of title fights.

Adesanya’s performance was out of character, and even Dana White, the CEO of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, expressed his surprise at the former champion’s performance.

One month after suffering a devastating loss, Adesanya made the announcement that he would be taking a lengthy vacation from mixed martial arts (MMA). Despite the fact that there was rumors that he might be struggling with health-related concerns, many people believed that he deserved a break owing to the remarkable vigor of his schedule.

‘The Last Stylebender’ was present at the ‘Day of Reckoning’ boxing event that took place in Saudi Arabia this past weekend. While there, he provided an update on his future plans. This is what he said:

“I am going to take my time… In the span of fourteen months, I competed in four battles as a champion. That would be unheard of in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. I was the most active champion in the league, which is not the same thing as a fighter champion. The circumstances of my life have compelled me to take a break. As for me, I will. But I will see you in a short while.”

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