Chael Sonnen believes Jake Paul certainly surprised Anderson Silva with one particular aspect of his game

On February 26, Jake Paul and Tommy Fury are scheduled to fight in Saudi Arabia. The two fighters recently engaged in an in-ring fight at the Artur Beterbiev vs. Anthony Yarde bout in London. This is the third time that they have been put in opposition to one another.
While “TNT” and “The Problem Child” have unbeaten pro boxing records, Paul has defeated a more illustrious group of opponents, including legends of the mixed martial arts like Anderson Silva, Tyron Woodley, and Ben Askren.

Paul is therefore being supported by Chael Sonnen to “surprise” Tommy Fury just like he stunned Silva in October of last year. A recent video that “The American Gangster” uploaded to his YouTube channel explained why Paul is superior to Fury. Sonnen believes that even “The Spider” must have been caught off guard by Paul’s skill at fooling his opponents with his feints:

“Paul’s a cracker. He has a powerful punch… He also forces you to guess. Paul’s feints are one item for which he hasn’t yet received recognition. After facing Paul, I’d want to hear Anderson Silva’s opinion, as I believe the only thing that would have surprised Anderson was the way Paul had forced him to guess.”

Tommy Fury gives his take on Jake Paul signing with an MMA promotion

According to Tommy Fury, the reason Jake Paul decided to enter the MMA by signing a multi-year contract with the Professional Fighters League (PFL) was because “The Problem Child” already knew the result of their upcoming boxing battle.
When Jake Paul recently announced his intention to fight in MMA, it sent shockwaves through the combat sports community. The 26-year-old will reportedly play in the PFL’s new Super Fight division and also own shares in the league.

When Tommy Fury was asked about Paul joining the PFL in a recent interview with JOE, he responded:

“Isn’t that just demonstrating who the expert is in this situation? I’m in the gym working out while he’s doing all these signings, deals, MMA, and other things. I’m only thinking on defeating Jake Paul right now. I think he signed his MMA contract and joined forces with the MMA activities because he is aware of what will happen to him on the 26th.”

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