As Ryan Garcia announced the birth of his child and his divorce within the span of one hour, fans were left bewildered and uttered the phrase “that’s courtroom prep.”

When boxing great Ryan Garcia announced the birth of his firstborn kid and his divorce earlier this week, he left his fans bewildered and overcome with emotion.

On Friday evening, the boxer released a passionate remark on Instagram welcoming the birth of his child. One hour later, he made another statement saying that he had split up with his partner, Drea Celina. Both of these statements were shared on Instagram.

Fight fans were bewildered by the curiously swift turnaround of events in ‘King Ry’s’ life, which prompted them to flood social media to give their thoughts on the topic. Suffice it to say that they were perplexed by the situation.

Look at some of the responses from fans down below:

A side-by-side mosaic of both postings was published on X by @MmaTwitr, with the following caption:

“Bro Ryan Garcia just announced the birth of his child and his divorce within one hour of each other in two separate Instagram posts😭🀣.”

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“That’s courtroom prep.”It’s me, bro. When you post on Instagram to announce the birth of your child, and then immediately after that, you post on Instagram to tell us that you are getting a divorce, that is really insane, lol. “Ryan Garcia isn’t at his true potential.””Garcia posting the birth of his child and 30 minutes later posting the divorce of his girl is all time savage. πŸ’€πŸ˜‚””Garcia making a public announcement divorcing his wife RIGHT AFTER she gave birth to his son [is] so corny. 😭😭””Damn, I had no idea that King @RyanGarcia was married or whether or not he had any children. Strange timing, but he’s just a human being.”What is the name of the person that this man does not turn his back on? Let her take pleasure in this day, at the very least, as a mother.

“Maybe because it may not be her baby.””In his speeches, man frequently mentions God,” man said. I am aware that God did not instruct him to enact this.

Potential date and location for Devin Haney vs. Ryan Garcia revealed

It has been reported by Oscar De La Hoya that Ryan Garcia has given him the specific instruction to arrange a battle against Devin Haney for his subsequent boxing match. Over the course of an interview with Fight Hub TV, ‘Golden Boy’ disclosed that the fight would be reasonably simple to organize. He also mentioned that he would like to schedule the fight for the month of March in Las Vegas.

Take a look at the comments made by Oscar De La Hoya below (1:25):

Both Garcia and Haney have competed against each other three times as amateurs, and they have a total of six fights between them. Since going professional, however, “The Dream” has established himself as the indisputable champion at the lightweight division and is currently the reigning champion of the WBC super lightweight division.

While all is going on, ‘King Ry’ has not yet been able to win a global championship. But after suffering a devastating knockout loss to Abdul Wahid, who was formerly known as Gervonta Davis, he has made a comeback with a knockout victory over Oscar Duarte Jurado in eight rounds.

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