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Ali Abdelaziz lashes out at Colby Covington, saying, “You are everything America is not about.” He also warns that the former championship challenger would “smash” his face.


On Saturday night, Colby Covington made his comeback to the ring after an absence of nearly two years. Ali Abdelaziz was not satisfied with either his demeanor or his performance throughout the match.

Ali Abdelaziz is the manager of a number of mixed martial arts competitors, including Islam Makhachev, Kamaru Usman, and Gilbert Burns, who are among the most well-known in the sport. Immediately after the conclusion of UFC 296, the management made some remarks directed against Covington and cautioned him that ‘Durinho’ would smash his face. The following are some of the things that ‘Chaos’ said and did in the lead up to UFC 296 that did not impress Abdelaziz:

“I would want to request that you, @ColbyCovMMA, refrain from discussing the United States of America. You are the epitome of everything that “America” does not stand for. The moment @GilbertDurinho is finished doing business, he will smear your face.
Check out the tweet that is located below:

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Covington continued to preach about “Making America Great Again” by voting for Donald Trump in the days leading up to the announcement of UFC 296, which took place. In fact, he made the statement during the interview that took place inside the octagon after he had been defeated by Leon Edwards in the main event. Since the beginning of his political career, the American has never been one to shy away from controversy and has always been extremely public about his political leanings.

The most recent battle that Gilbert Burns participated in was against Belal Muhammad in May of this year. He entered the fight on short notice, but he ultimately lost. He is planning to come back in the year 2024.

Colby Covington claims he lost to Leon Edwards because of his support for Donald Trump

When the bell rang after round five, Colby Covington stood up and began celebrating as if he had won the fight, despite the fact that he had been dominated for the majority of the battle. Even in the interviews that he gave after the fight, he asserted that he had won the fight, and his response to Joe Rogan’s inquiry about whether or not it was the easiest fight of his UFC career was that it was.

During his news conference following the bout, he disclosed the reasons why he was defeated by Edwards:

My performance in the third quarter was sufficient, and he did not inflict any harm on me. A handful of low kicks were delivered to him, but I waited until the very end to start checking them. You know, I was under the impression that I had won, that I had done enough, but the judges have never shown any favoritism toward me. The reason they despise me is because I am a supporter of Trump, and everyone in this building despises Trump.

Below is a video clip that was taken at the press conference:

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Despite the fact that he had to walk back to the dressing room with ice on both of his knees and noticeable cuts on his face, Covington continued to insist that Leon Edwards is not responsible for his injuries. There have been three occasions when he has attempted to capture the title, but he has not been successful in doing so.

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