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According to a former UFC fighter, “He’s going to have a grappling advantage.” Ilia Topuria is going to be able to defeat Alexander Volkanovski if she follows this plan.


At UFC 298, the reigning featherweight champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Alexander Volkanovski, will face Ilia Topuria, a rising contender, in an attempt to defend his title for the sixth consecutive time. The event will take place in the Honda Center in Anaheim on February 17, 2024, and the two will be the main attractions.

Urijah Faber, a former featherweight champion in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, gave his thoughts on the forthcoming match in an interview with The Schmo. In his presentation, he discussed the significance of battling for Topuria in order to dethrone “Volk,” as well as a number of other variables that will play a vital role in their conflict for the title:

It is simply necessary for him to become very skilled at guarding against takedowns. I believe that Volkanovski’s true strength is, without a doubt, his durability, which, as time passes, diminishes a little bit. On the other hand, he is going to have an advantage in terms of grappling, so he needs to find a way to avoid being pushed up against the cage, avoid being taken down, and ensure that he is aware of the offense that is being committed on the feet. So, you know, having excellent footwork and being able to avoid detection.”
Ilia Topuria has not suffered a single defeat throughout his whole professional career, as he has been victorious in each of his six UFC bouts since making his debut in the year 2020. Alexander Volkanovski has been defeated in two of his most recent three bouts, but he has only been defeated once in his first 26 fighters in the professional ranks.

Ilia Topuria discusses his preparation for title clash against Alexander Volkanovski

The preparation that Ilia Topuria went through in the days leading up to his main event fight against Alexander Volkanovski was discussed.

During an interview with ESPN Deportes, Topuria said that he was analyzing Alexander Volkanovski and that he was optimistic about his own chances:

“When I wake up in the morning, I watch films, and sometimes I even watch tapes of old trainings that are online. Everything that I viewed was… Not only does he not have any chance, but he also has no opportunities. In spite of the fact that I can’t find any gaps, I can tell how he attacks. There is only one attack that I can envision him doing, and that is to kick my legs. That is the only thing he is capable of doing. Although he has good cardio, people in general have good cardio when they are not under any kind of pressure.

When it comes to finding a conclusion, Topuria also emphasized the significance of having patience:

“If you are able to strike it and avoid getting struck, it is going to be a masterpiece. In this fight, you will witness a genuine mixed martial artist, and that is exactly what you will see and experience. I will be there with a great deal of patience, looking for any opening that may present itself. I will be present in order to make the most of the opportunity. But the thing that is most essential to me is to maintain patience at all times, to always be prepared, and to avoid making efforts that are not necessary. There is no need to exert too much effort because the conclusion will come.

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