A “spiteful” and “horrible” Chantelle Cameron sends a stone-cold warning in advance of their matchup in November, saying that she plans to hurt Katie Taylor.

The rematch between Chantelle Cameron and Katie Taylor is set to take place on November 25, and the reigning undisputed champion of the super lightweight division is heading into the fight with the intention to win by all means necessary.

Cameron is unhappy that she will be obliged to go to Dublin, the home turf of her opponent, once again to give her a second “homecoming.” This is especially frustrating for Cameron given that the Irish fighter was defeated in Cameron’s last attempt to win the super lightweight championships in her big fight.

Catch Katie Taylor’s post-fight interview after the Chantelle Cameron loss below:

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In May, when these two boxers faced each other in the ring, the fight was decided by a majority decision, which was won by the UK national. Chantelle Cameron is hoping for a more decisive victory this time around, despite the fact that Taylor has expressed optimism that the outcome of the rematch will be different thanks to the outstanding training she received.

During an interview with Matchroom, the 32-year-old boxer issued a stern warning to her rival and threatened to inflict an unimaginable amount of pain on her in the rematch:

“I have to win against Katie once more to make sure I firmly establish it, because if I lose, everything I accomplished the previous night will be for naught.” I will enter with a little bit of grip and a little bit of beast, but once I’m inside, you’ll see a totally new me… I have no choice but to make another trip to Dublin and provide her a second opportunity to have a successful homecoming. I was never given the opportunity to have a homecoming; you’re not putting your reputations on the line.”
Chantelle Cameron continued by saying:

“This is my legacy, and I feel as though I’m being held back a bit because Katie is getting another shot at me,” the speaker said. I’m vindictive, I’m a bad person…’I’m going to be dominant, and I’m going to be ruthless… I’m going to pick my shots so that they are cleaner and tougher, and I’m going to be nasty. Katie Taylor is going to feel the pain I inflict.

Katie Taylor believes the rematch with Chantelle Cameron will be legacy-defining

The rematch between Katie Taylor and Chantelle Cameron is only a few days away, and the Irishwoman is feeling really confident about giving an outstanding performance to the very best of her skills.

The forthcoming rematch is an important battle in Taylor’s career because a loss at the 3Arena will prevent her from pursuing her superlightweight aspirations in the near future or for the rest of her life, depending on how long it takes.

During an interview with Matchroom Boxing, the undisputed champion of the women’s lightweight division discussed the importance of the rematch, describing it as a crucial bout for her legacy:

“I’m as confident as I’ve ever been that if I perform to the best of my abilities, I will prevail in this competition regardless of who is competing against me. I simply can’t wait to get in there, and from what I’ve heard, it’s going to be a really intense battle. This battle is undoubtedly important for my career… this fight is unquestionably important… I believe that if I come out on top, it will even strengthen my legacy.

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