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A competitor at UFC 293 reaches out to Andrew Tate after the crippling effects of Australian tax on his earnings. “I sacrificed my whole life for this sport,” the fighter says.


During their conversation about John Makdessi’s unexpected UFC 293 payout, Andrew Tate reached out to John Makdessi.

On the preliminary card of UFC 293, which took place in Sydney, Australia, on September 9, Makdessi competed. This event was organized by the Ultimate Fighting Championship. ‘The Bull’ was defeated by Jamie Mullarkey via a rather dubious unanimous decision after three rounds of intense competition.

The verdict of the judges was not the only aspect of Makdessi’s most recent outing in the Octagon that was disheartening. The 38-year-old disclosed earlier today the official amount of his settlement, which had been reduced from $58,000 to $28,461.65 as a result of taxes and expenditures.

In a statement on Twitter that has since been deleted, Makdessi vented his dissatisfaction with his salary by expressing the following:

“I have dedicated my entire life to this sport and put everything that I have on the line for it. The judges and the Australian government cheated me out of a fair amount of money. #MATRIX Follow us on Cobratate!
Andrew Tate was tagged by Makdessi so that they might be associated with his hashtag that referenced the matrix. Tate has established himself as a controversial figure of international notoriety on social media over the past few years, in part due to his conviction that governments and higher forces are complicit in the creation of the matrix.

Fans criticize Australian tax rates after seeing John Makdessi’s UFC 293 payout

In particular with regard to the UFC, spectators have never been bashful about expressing their thoughts and feelings regarding fighter pay. As a result, a fresh viewpoint on the contentious matter was presented as John Makdessi disclosed the amount of money he made competing in UFC 293.

The majority of MMA fans have shifted their criticism away from the UFC and toward the onerous tax rates that are imposed on fighters who compete in Australia. As soon as Makdessi’s tweet gained widespread attention, the comment sections were flooded with people expressing shock and outrage, including the following persons who said:

“Man, if you pay taxes on half of what you make, why would you even consider starting a fight there?””Bruh, that’s an insane tax rate of 45%…”It’s crazy how the government takes half of your money for no apparent reason.”That is reprehensible on so many levels; I can’t even fathom how the 12/12 fighters manage to make a living.”

“It’s no wonder that nobody wants to fight in this place.”Remarks made on Twitter

Remarks made on Twitter

With a perfect record of seven wins and zero losses in his professional MMA career, John Makdessi made his debut in the UFC in December of 2010. Since that time, he has fought twenty times inside the Octagon, resulting with a record of 11-9 in promotional bouts. Unfortunately for ‘The Bull,’ his last two opponents, Nasrat Haqparast and Jamie Mullarkey, both won their fights by unanimous decision, and he lost both of them.

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