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Leaked talks illustrate how Andrew Tate reportedly influenced women to do sex work by referring to them as “assets.” One of the phrases that appears in the chats is, “You are never going back.”


The male supremacist influencer Andrew Tate is being investigated for a number of serious claims following the disclosure of leaked text messages from his all-male network of associates on Telegram known as War Room. Messages that were purportedly stolen from Tate’s phone shed light on frightening strategies used in sex trafficking and how he allegedly lured women into participating.

The notorious influencer, who along with his brother Tristan is currently under house arrest in Romania, is accused of employing manipulation and pressure to exploit women in order to create obscene content.

Tate has adamantly denied any wrongdoing in the wake of accusations of sex trafficking made by Romanian authorities. He continues to maintain that he never coerced any partners into engaging in sexual work.

Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone @RollingStone
Screen shots of messages allegedly showing Andrew Tate bragging about manipulating one of his women have been obtained by Rolling Stone.

“She has no money. And she is unable to return home. And she is unable to leave the house at this time. Holy crap, I sound almost nefarious. But I’m not.”

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The Rolling Stones, however, have got screenshots from 2021 that were stolen and they tell a very different story. The bombshell communications shed light on the alleged manipulation techniques used by Andrew Tate and raise worrisome questions regarding the boundaries of consent and ethics in romantic relationships.

The former kickboxer employed isolation techniques and solicited comments from members of the War Room on concepts such as “good cop bad cop” to compel individuals into producing sexually explicit content for web platforms.

In addition to this, Andrew Tate has a worrisome habit of posting screenshots of women’s Instagram images and demeaningly referring to them as “assets” in his posts. He also brags about a future article that will explain his explosive strategies and adds that he was successful in recruiting a “Ibiza asset” to engage in OnlyF*ns.

Later on, he posts a photograph of two women who appear to be cohabitating and who have since been recognized by Romanian prosecutors as having been allegedly exploited by the Tate family as part of their sex trafficking enterprise. Tate then exposes his deceitful technique, which consists of fabricating lies in order to capture one woman and turn her into an adversarial person who is completely reliant on him.

Tate is said to have brazenly reframed the lack of consent as an exhilarating challenge and an opportunity for his pupils to achieve enlightenment in the purportedly stolen messages. For him, it encapsulates the pinnacle of difficulty in their line of work, which compels him to disclose a comprehensive road map of his tactics if they have the courage to accept it. According to reports, he wrote:

“Ever since she moved here [to Bucharest], she’s been given food,” said the alleged victim. But other than that… She has no money. And she is unable to return home. And she is unable to leave the house at this time. Holy crap, I sound almost nefarious. But I’m not. I’m a shepherd, and I’m in charge of leading the flock. She is completely unaware of the fact that if she follows me, her life will improve.

A spokesman for the Tate family has stated, in the midst of these allegations and new developments in the current Tate tragedy, that the leaked screenshots are part of a smear effort against the brothers and point to a perceived lack of fair treatment for evidence proving the brothers’ innocence. This statement was made in response to the ongoing Tate saga.

Andrew Tate denies allegations of luring Playboy model to Romania

Recent allegations made by Playboy model Carla Howe that Andrew Tate attempted to entice her to move to Romania have been refuted by Andrew Tate.

Howe related the events that transpired during her time with Tate, including the manner in which he initially showered her with compliments on Instagram before becoming dominating and hostile. The Playboy model posted a video to her social media account in which she can be seen approaching Tate during an exhibition fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Deji Olatunji in Dubai.

Tate responded to the allegations by denying the claims in a tweet, claiming that when Howe confronted him at an event, he was only interested in watching the fight and had no other motives. Tate has written:

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