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According to Sage Northcutt, he trains his explosiveness in mixed martial arts by doing everything from tumbling gymnastics to every form of flip.


Sage Northcutt, often known as “Super,” is one of the most energetic fighters in ONE Championship, despite the fact that he features an extremely strong physique.

This distinctive explosiveness was on full display at ONE Fight Night 10, when Northcutt made his long-awaited return to the Circle for a battle with Pakistani mixed martial arts (MMA) great Ahmed Mujtaba.

It only took ‘Super’ Sage 39 seconds to live up to his namesake, scoring a quick submission by heel hook. In some ways, this performance was a testament to his name.

When Sage Northcutt was interviewed by The MMA Superfan, he provided some insight into the process by which he developed and maintained his style while competing within the Circle.

According to Northcutt, “I used to support martial arts by training everything, from tumbling gymnastics to every kind of flip you can possibly imagine, and it’s just how I transferred that explosiveness into fighting mixed martial arts now.”
Northcutt achieved his first victory of his professional career inside the Circle with this triumph, and ever since then, he has been eagerly anticipating the opportunity to go out and win another victory.

Sage Northcutt knows who he wants next

Since his triumph at ONE Fight Night 10, the American athlete Sage Northcutt has only been thinking about one opponent: Shinya Aoki. The subject of Sage Northcutt’s next opponent has been a heated topic among fans, but the American athlete has only had one name on his mind.

The bout between Northcutt and Aoki was supposed to take place at ONE on TNT IV in 2021; however, ‘Super’ was forced to withdraw from the competition due to an illness.

Both of the boxers have indicated that they are interested in rescheduling the fight, and at this point in time, Northcutt’s top objective is to make that fight a reality. He stated to ONE Championship that

“Yeah, without a doubt [I am still interested in that fight]. Prior to my most recent altercation with Ahmed, we had already begun working on it. When we had it all arranged, he stated that he still wants it. I believe that we ought to go ahead and accomplish it.

He went on to say:

After my most recent fight, I have been concentrating a lot of my attention on Shinya. In the aftermath of the fight, when we were speaking with all of the media, it was brought up by someone who said, “How about you and Shinya?” Additionally, it was mentioned that it could very well be the next thing that happens. Therefore, ever since that time, I’ve been pondering that.”

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