According to Demetrious Johnson, the decision to retire will be irrevocable: “Once I’m done, I’m done”

Demetrious Johnson, the current holder of the ONE Flyweight World Championship, will not be one of those fighters who “sail off into the sunset” only to eventually reverse their decision and return to competition.

After Johnson’s five-round masterclass against Adriano Moraes at ONE Fight Night 10 earlier this month, the entirety of the mixed martial arts industry was glued to their seats and listening intently.

After all, everything pointed to the renowned fighter, who is considered to be the best of all time in many different circles, calling it quits after a distinguished fighting career and retiring from the sport.

Johnson, on the other hand, did not answer the question after the fight for the second time in a row, but it appeared as though he still had a lot of fire in him when he faced the next competitor in line, Kairat Akhmetov.

‘DJ’ is still indecisive about his future despite the fact that he has successfully defended his title and put a stop to his competition with Moraes. He is currently living in Parkland, Washington with his family.

The American man, who is 36 years old, has not established a time limit for himself to reach a decision, but any choice he does make will be seen as conclusive.

In an interview with Danny Segura of MMA Junkie, Johnson stated the following:

“I feel like once I’m done, I’m done. The reason for this is that those guys [GSP, Urijah Faber, and Henry Cejudo] all retired at a younger age. And they didn’t remain in, if you know what I mean; I’ve been in the fire from the very beginning; it wouldn’t make sense for me to retire and then come back.

The following is the complete interview:

Johnson, who is known both inside and outside of the circle for his exceptionally high IQ, has already expressed his desire to pick the brains of his fellow MMA greats, which should assist him in determining the course of action he will pursue in the future.

Should that have been the very last time we saw Mighty Mouse in the circle, he will leave behind a history of unsurpassed greatness if that was indeed the case.

The third round of Johnson vs. Moraes is currently being rebroadcast for Prime Video subscribers in both the United States and Canada.