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Xiong Jing Nan is excited to show off her explosive fists in a pure striking fight versus ‘Wondergirl’.


‘The Panda’ Xiong Jing Nan, the current world champion of the women’s strawweight division of ONE Mixed Martial Arts, wants to push herself as a martial artist to her absolute boundaries by taking on as many various kinds of challenges as she possibly can. And what better way to do that than to compete against a talented but inexperienced foe in an event that will go down in history as one of a kind?

At ONE Fight Night 14: Stamp vs. Ham, Xiong will compete in a special rules striking bout against Nat ‘Wondergirl’ Jaroonsak, who is a phenom in the sport of Muay Thai. On Friday, September 29, the event will be presented in its entirety through live broadcast from the Singapore Indoor Stadium in Singapore.

In a recent interview with ONE Championship, Xiong expressed her excitement for her upcoming battle and expressed a desire to demonstrate to her supporters what she is capable of accomplishing.

According to “The Panda,”

“Because everyone has a unique approach to combat, I’ve practiced with a variety of different training partners. I want to get a deeper understanding of it so that I can have a more rewarding experience. I shall give it my all in order to demonstrate my abilities in this competition.

Xiong started her career as a fighter in China as a boxer before she joined ONE Championship and went on to become a world champion in mixed martial arts. Prior to that, she competed in kickboxing. Therefore, this special rules striking battle is exactly what she has been looking for.

The historic first-ever special rules striking event held by ONE Championship consisted of three rounds, each lasting three minutes. All punching techniques are fair game for athletes to use during competition. However, you are not allowed to use any kind of grappling, kicks, elbows, or knees. The bout will be fought using MMA gloves weighing 4 ounces each, and the must-win scoring system will be used to determine the winner.

Fans in the United States and Canada have the opportunity to watch ONE Fight Night 14 live and for free on Amazon Prime Video. The event will take place in New York City.

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