According to Liam Harrison, the “worst thing a fighter can do” in a fight is to engage in excessive thought.

When Liam Harrison enters the squared circle or the boxing ring, there aren’t very many things that may take him by surprise because he has more than 100 fights under his belt and a career that has lasted for more than 20 years.

The ‘Hitman’ has devoted his entire life to the sport of mixed martial arts, and he finds the greatest joy in either training in the gym or competing on the biggest stages in the world.

Even during the final year of his professional career, when he was forced to sit out due to injury, the British man managed to keep himself active.

Harrison’s mind is continuously preoccupied with many aspects of martial arts, such as staying in condition without impeding his recovery process, assisting younger fighters with whom he has shared the mats, and dissecting battles and fight tapes.

In spite of this fact, he is a wealth of information for younger fighters who are interested in picking his brain about what to do and what not to do when competing at the highest level in ONE Championship.

The Leeds striker drew from his personal experiences in order to provide some important guidance for everyone who aspires to reach the peak of the mountain in a recent video that was uploaded to YouTube by Fight Energy Films.

When asked about the necessary steps to take in order to get ready for a fight, Liam Harrison emphasized the significance of having everything become automatic and ingrained in your muscle memory by the time you enter the ring. This ensures that you do not fall behind your opponent in the ring:

“The single most detrimental thing a combatant can do is ‘think.’ The gym was the place where you should have done all of your thinking. The gymnasium is the only place where you can execute your game plan. Everything you’re thinking and everything you’re thinking about, including how you’re going to accomplish this and how you’re going to do that. When you step into the ring, all you can do is react to the action that is taking place around you.

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