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“Win and repay the favor” is the rallying cry of Takeru, a legendary kickboxer, in the aftermath of the magnitude 7.6 earthquake that struck Japan.


Recently, Japanese kickboxing superstar Takeru wrote a message on his social media account regarding the devastating earthquake of magnitude 7.6 that devastated his native country of Japan on the day of the New Year. The ‘Natural Born Crusher’ took some time to communicate with his fellow countrymen in front of his next fight against Rodtang Jitmuangnon, who holds the title of ONE flyweight Muay Thai world champion. The fight is scheduled to take place at ONE 165.

He uploaded a video of himself training to his Instagram account, along with a caption that reads:

The day after New Year’s Day, I am filled with gratitude. Conquer and give back the favor. We pray that the earthquake will do as little damage as possible. I urge you to leave your home as quickly as possible if you are located in a region that is prone to tsunamis.

Takeru managed to maintain his concentration on his training despite the anxiety that was raging in his chest. The morale of his people would undoubtedly be boosted if they were to achieve a significant victory over a genuine legend such as Rodtang during this difficult time in his country.

Ishikawa Prefecture was rocked by an earthquake of a magnitude of 7.6 on January 01, 2019. It was the most significant earthquake to strike the nation since the Ogasawara earthquake in 2015.

Takeru confident that he’ll come out victorious over Rodtang at ONE 165

With the historic superfight versus Rodtang taking place in Takeru’s home inside the enormous Ariake Arena in Tokyo, the ‘Natural Born Crusher’ is on the verge of bursting with confidence in preparation for ONE 165.

In addition to this, because the fight will be fought according to kickboxing regulations, Rodtang will be required to fight within Takeru’s reality. Coming on January 28, the ‘Natural Born Crusher’ will have a significant psychological advantage as a result of the combination of these two factors.

On the other hand, the phrase “true warriors are fierce because their training is fierce” was formerly attributed to Miyamoto Musashi, a legendary Japanese samurai. When it comes to winning a fight, having a home court and having an advantage against the rules are not nearly as important as having intense training and preparation.

When the ‘Natural Born Crusher’ was getting ready to make his debut in ONE Championship against Rodtang, he posted a picture of his shredded physique after training:

“The following day, I beat up every part of my body. There is a little more than a month left. We are going to prevail.”

If you want to know how to watch ONE 165 from your area, check the listings on your local television station or go to the official website of ONE Championship.

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