Why did Andrew Tate go bald? A timeline of ‘Top G’s struggles with his hairline

Supporters know Andrew Tate as a man who constantly maintains a professional appearance, speaks with assurance, and whose beliefs consistently seem to incite some form of controversy. He claims that being bald was always a purposeful decision, and it makes him appear even more stunning.

Romania has handed down an additional 30-day prison sentence to the contentious influencer for his participation in organised crime and human trafficking. A court in Bucharest renewed the arrest warrants for Andrew Tate, his brother Tristan, and two other suspects.

Tate was captured on camera earlier this month being accompanied by police while wearing handcuffs on February 1 as he entered a courtroom in Bucharest for his hearing. The 36-year-old appeared to be experiencing male pattern baldness despite earlier telling followers that his distinctive shaved dome was deliberate. Fans on the internet speculated that perhaps Andrew Tate is not bald by choice as a result of his receding front hairline and lack of hair on the crown.

Most recently, it was claimed that Tristan Tate and Andrew Tate asked for a hairstylist to visit them while they were being held in custody. They also asked for a PlayStation for their mobile device. Since their incarceration, the brothers have allegedly frequently asked for a PlayStation and a hair stylist from prison, according to Romanian news outlet Gandul.

staff The competent authorities have, however, rejected the couple’s demands. Tate reportedly complained that he couldn’t shave his head since single-use razors aren’t allowed in prison and demanded that a hairstylist be sent in.

Andrew Tate describes his prison workout regimen

Police searched Andrew Tate’s infamous online persona’s Bucharest home in the early hours of December 29. Since then, he and his brother have been held in custody on charges of participating in organised crime and human trafficking. Tate and his brother Tristan both insist they had no involvement in the crimes for which they were held accountable. They have currently received three custody extensions, and a request for their release earlier this month was turned down. Once the extension motion was submitted on Tuesday, the Tate brothers’ attorneys informed the media that no fresh evidence was offered during the hearing.

Tate, who has often emphasised the necessity to maintain discipline and a healthy lifestyle, recently shared with his devoted supporters how he has managed to stay healthy while being detained: “I squat 500 times every day. 500 sit-ups. practise using my tiger paw manoeuvre. 10 miles of walking.”

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